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Brownstone Appeal Lawyers take civil and criminal cases to the next level, representing clients in federal and state courts. Connect with our appeal lawyers at (855) 776-2773. Click on the links below to read more about our appellate areas of practice:



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Appellate Law Firm

Brownstone Appeal Lawyers enjoy a reputation for superiority in representing clients in a wide variety of complex appellate arguments and disputes. Our firm provides a high level of client service and responsiveness in its representation of business and individual clients on appeal. We often co-counsel trial cases and work with trial counsel to ensure the effective representation of our clients in the appellate court and to ensure the record on appeal is preserved. Brownstone Appeal LawyersOur lawyers are former law clerks, members of the Order of the Coif and former prosecutors with over 30 jury trials of experience. The firm’s lawyers serve as counsel to fortune 500 companies, individuals, businesses, and small companies across the nation that require legal counsel for appeals in civil and criminal cases.

The lawyers at our firm handle complex commercial litigation, white collar crime, federal civil appeals, jury trial appeals, appeals of non-final orders and state court criminal appeals. Our firm started as a small local law firm. From our humble beginnings we grew from a 1 attorney firm that represented clients in a local community to a statewide appellate litigation boutique. Over the years the firm has grown from representing clients in state court to handling cases in federal and supreme courts. As the firm increased its reputation for federal and state court appeals, clients from across the United States sought our legal services. Following this unique demand we slowly branched out to handle cases in all 12 federal appellate courts. Click on the video below to see more about our appeals:

Appeal Lawyers

Courtroom of an Appellate law firmGenerally speaking, there are two different types of appeals: de novo appeals and “on the record” appeals. Some appellate law firms only handle one specific type of appeal. Brownstone appeal lawyers, on the other hand, are more than qualified to handle both types of appeals. Here’s a quick break down:

  • Appeals on the record: This kind of appeal is the most common type. In an “on the record” appeal, your appeal attorney will challenge the previous decision-maker’s ruling. An “on the record” appeal may attack a factual finding or a misapplication of the law.
  • de novo appeal: In this type of appeal, your appeals lawyer and the new decision maker do not refer to the previous case.

Contact our Brownstone Appeal Lawyers at (855) 776-2773. If you have ever lost a case in court, then you know how critical it is to hire a great appeal lawyer. Brownstone Law is different from other appeal firms, as we are home to some the very experienced appeal lawyers, ones who thrive at helping people who have received unfair verdicts. You only get one chance to make your appeal case to the court. As an experienced appeal law firm, Brownstone has lawyers in place to help you no matter where you are. With us, location isn’t an issue. Brownstone appeal lawyers believe in flexibility and are willing to do whatever it takes to work within your schedule.

Criminal Appeal Lawyers

The criminal appeal attorneys at Brownstone Appellate Law firm are experienced in appealing cases, sentences, and motions to suppress. Start your appeal now. We will review the record on appeal to advise you of the best course of action. Our law firm works for every client we serve. We deliver quality briefs and arguments for our clients on appeal. Connect with our appeals attorneys to review your case.  

Contact our Brownstone Appeal Lawyers at (855) 776-2773.

Brownstone Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone Appeal Lawyers Brownstone, P.A. focuses on appeals of federal and state cases. Our firm handles a wide variety of civil appeals and criminal appeals. Appellate representation requires a unique frame of mind. It requires specialized training in order to advance a case from trial court to a higher court of appeal. There is never a charge for the initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and representing you on appeal. The firm focuses 100% on appellate litigation. We are positioned to advance any appellate issue in any state. Clients retain our firm for a wide variety of cases and issues. In some cases, we are retained by trial counsel to protect the record on appeal and presents motions to advance a legal issue. Our appeal lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Contract
  • Torts
  • RICO
  • Business
  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Injunctions
  • Motions for Summary Judgment
  • Directed Verdicts
  • Jury Trial Appeals
  • Non-Final Orders
  • Interlocutory Appeals
  • Petitions
  • Writs
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Criminal
  • Felony Trials
  • DUI Appeals

Confident Appellate Representation

Brownstone’s attorneys represent both appellant as well as appellees. Our firm believes in providing the best possible representation inside and outside of the courtroom. Many of our lawyers served as former law clerks. We have learned from behind the scenes in judicial chambers how to persuade a panel of judges. The lawyers at our firm understand what it takes to advance a state court appeal. We write effective briefs. We provide top oral advocacy in the event a cases is presented to a panel of judges for oral arguments. We have handled hundreds of appeals. This experience means we understand the needs of our clients and their business or personal objectives. Contact an appeal attorney now to discuss your case during a free consultation. Reach Brownstone Appeal Lawyers at (855) 776-2773.

With a broad range of experience, our appellate practice group focuses on the needs of each client. Our civil appeals lawyers represent individuals, corporations, corporate officers, and others in a wide variety of complex appellate cases across the country. We have a truly national practice with experience in multiple disciplines such as regulatory, constitutional, statutory and common law issues. Contact our civil appeal lawyers at (855) 776-2773.

The federal appeal process involves complex and strict procedures that have to be followed for an appeal to be admissible. This means that defendants who are keen on winning an appeal have to seek the services of federal civil appeals lawyers that are highly experienced in the federal rules of civil procedure. If you are thinking of initiating the federal civil appeals process, then you have no option but to ensure that your attorneys know how to go about the whole process.

At Brownstone we offer you an opportunity to have your case handled by some of this country’s most unique civil appellate litigators. Our lawyers specialize in appeal cases only and therefore devote all of their time and energy in legal research so as to come up with strong points of argument to be used in front of the judges.  Experience means a law firm must manage all types of appellate issues, in closing record intensive appeals, interlocutory appeals, emergency mandamus proceedings, and petitions for writ of certiorari. We handle issues ranging from telecommunications to constitutional law. The key to success on appeal means a law firm must master complex areas of the law, presenting and identifying the critical issues for appellate review. Our federal civil appeals lawyers present cases in simple terms, so that our audience understands the clients’ position. Such efforts put us in a position to win the argument on appeal, every time in each case.  Contact our appellate team at (855) 776-2773.