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At Brownstone, our lawyers know that the work of an appeals lawyer is significantly different from the work of a trial lawyer. Our Detroit appeal attorneys have extensive experience preparing appellate briefs and constructing thorough, convincing oral arguments. Successful appellate lawyers like those at Brownstone have a comprehensive understanding of the law, as well as strong legal research and writing skills. Our ability to convince judges toward a particular interpretation of the facts is unrivaled. Contact our Detroit appeals lawyers at (855) 776-2773.

Detroit Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone Appellate Litigation in Detroit

Brownstone is a law firm that exclusively handles appeals cases. We offer services throughout the state, including Pontiac, Flint, and Detroit. When it comes to criminal cases, we frequently manage habeas corpus petitions and work towards reduced sentencing, fewer parole requirements and even a total overturn of criminal convictions. Appeals allow for a correction of part of the criminal defense trial process or procedural violations that led to a conviction.

Civil Appeals in Detroit Michigan

In civil cases, our Detroit appeal attorneys have been known to argue in the areas of environmental law, white-collar crime, business disputes, intellectual property conflicts, healthcare, and many other areas of law. Our appellate lawyers are known for their creative and innovative legal arguments and they will work hard for you.

Contact Brownstone Law by phone or through our website today for your free initial consultation. Let us help you navigate the appeals process. We know that we succeed when you succeed, and our appellate attorneys are committed to finding the best solution to your legal problems. Our Detroit appeal lawyers are passionate about what they do, and pride and passion are the key to appeals success. Our law firm also represents clients in federal appeals in Michigan courts and before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Michigan Criminal Court of Appeals 

The criminal court of appeals maintains the Michigan criminal court of appeals principals of law when dealing with criminal cases. Its procedures are well documented but very complex, and you need proper appellate representation in order to make sure your rights to proper procedure during your trial or pre-trail were correctly exercised. Brownstone Law has appellate lawyers with experience in the criminal court of appeals who can help you get your case heard before an appeals judge. The law firm represents clients on rule 6500 motions for ineffective counsel and habeas corpus petitions to vacate sentence. 

With criminal cases, an unfavorable ruling can lead to a criminal conviction that can include incarceration and a criminal record. Examples of crimes that fall under the criminal court are illegal drug use and trade, official misconduct, some computer crimes, murder, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, assault, robbery, fraud, forgery, larceny, extortion, forging business records, risking the welfare of a child, money laundering, and rape, sexual abuse, etc. When dealing with a Detroit criminal appeal Brownstone Law will look at pre-trial errors, trial errors as well as sentencing errors.

With our seasoned Brownstone Law Detroit appeal attorneys, you know the research will be thorough and the presentation to the judge will be persuasive and professional. Call Brownstone Law today and learn about what your options are for your ruling. Do not let your statute of limitations run out on your appeal. Keep your rights protected and team up with lawyers who understand what it takes to get the job done.

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United States v. Babubhai Patel 
November 21, 2013
Case No. 13-1164
Andrew Greenlee & Michael Brownlee

In this case the Appellant contest a criminal case in Detroit Michigan regarding Pharmacy fraud. Read More about this Detroit Federal Criminal Appeal by clicking here. Babubhai Patel

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