Appellate Attorneys in Missouri

At Brownstone, we handle a variety of civil and criminal appeal cases. This means that we spend all of our time, resources and energy in research in order to come up with a new outlook and a variety of fresh ideas on how to handle our clients appeal cases. We have so far represented hundreds of our clients at the Missouri state and federal courts. Our appeal lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the Supreme Court rules of civil and criminal appellate procedure. The fact that we are licensed in each and every appellate court of the United States means that we can handle appeal cases in which the crime was allegedly committed on several jurisdictions. Contact our Missouri appeals attorneys today to discuss your case at (855) 776-2773.

Appellate law requires a unique set of skills and talent for creating winning arguments. We strive for superior representation and advocacy. Great appellate arguments are created by examining the record and understanding what issues shall be advanced. Not every issue is a winner and not every issue is ripe for review. Objections filed at the lower court may serve as the basis for an appeal. Motions for summary judgment and motions for a new trial are also issues that may be appealed to a higher court. Our firm will review the record on appeal to prepare the right issues.

Contact our Missouri appellate law firm to review your case at (855) 776-2773. The Missouri appeals attorneys at Brownstone Law firm are in a position to advance any issue for our clients.

Missouri Appeals Attorneys

Missouri Appeals Attorneys

Clients from across Missouri seek out our firm to represent their case before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States and U.S. Supreme Court. We represent businesses and individuals from Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, and Columbia. Our Missouri appeals attorneys handle multiple areas of federal appellate litigation including appeals of jury trials, motions for directed verdict, motions for summary judgment, and appeals of non-final orders.

Brownstone Criminal Appeals in Missouri

Brownstone represents people convicted of drug crimes in Missouri. Federal charges have grave consequences, but our Missouri appellate law firm has the knowledge and experience to handle all types of federal appeals. Once the trial has been completed, you gain the right to appeal the conviction or sentencing. There is a time limit of 10 days in which you have to file a notice of appeal in federal court. The firm handles pardons, clemency, sentence reductions, and parole hearings.

Brownstone appellate lawyers are experts in the interpretation of the Missouri revised statutes. Our appellate lawyers can file an expedite proceedings before any appellate courts in Missouri in connection with a habeas corpus proceeding involving the issue of custody of the minor child. We are highly regarded as appeals specialists for civil, criminal and post-conviction cases originating from the district courts, the circuit courts, state and local agencies to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Missouri Criminal Appeals Lawyers

We pay close attention to every aspect of your case, reading and analyzing the transcripts of records, testimony of the witnesses given during the trial and the objections raised and the rulings interposed therein which are materials in advancing the client’s position as either the appellant or the appellee. Call our Missouri appeals attorneys today at (855) 776-2773 to have your case reviewed.