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At Brownstone, we handle a variety of civil and criminal appeal cases. This means that we spend all of our time, resources and energy in research in order to come up with a new outlook and a variety of fresh ideas on how to handle our clients appeal cases. We have so far represented hundreds of our clients at the Missouri state and federal courts. Our appeal lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the Supreme Court rules of civil and criminal appellate procedure. The fact that we are licensed in each and every appellate court of the United States means that we can handle appeal cases in which the crime was allegedly committed on several jurisdictions.

The appeal lawyers of Brownstone, P.A., in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri, are specialists experienced in appellate lawsuits that include both civil as well as criminal cases. They present exceptional appellate briefs and arguments. They can help you with filing motions and petitions too. They are highly competent in legal research and writing, and are in a position to guide you to your success.

Missouri Appeals Attorneys

Throughout Missouri, our lawyers are mostly involved in representing federal mail and wire fraud cases wherein any kind of communication used to commit the actual crime is also included. These are placed under either category (federal mail and wire fraud) depending on their respective format. These acts have 20-30 years of imprisonment as their penalty. However, being represented by one of our experienced attorneys at either the trial level or when pleading the case can help save you.

Other civil cases that we may handle with include those of medical malpractice, environmental litigation, labor law, and property rights. For such cases, the firm offers to represent both defense and prosecution sides. The lawyers have the experience of arguing cases in both state and federal courts across Missouri and are capable to provide each client with the best representation.

Brownstone Criminal Appeals in Missouri

Since Brownstone is one place that agrees to give you free and confidential consultation, it is only better for you that you contact our appellate lawyers to review your case and to help you with your legal matters. The appeal lawyers of Brownstone are confident enough to turn the tables in your favor.

Moreover, the appellate procedure at the supreme, federal, and state court is not one that each lawyer can easily handle. The fact that our lawyers are specialized in appeal cases tends to give us an edge over others and ensure victory for our clients.

Our lawyers examine all aspects of the respective client’s case while preparing briefs, pleadings, and oral arguments and use all resources to obtain the desired outcome (acquittal or extraordinary reliefs).
For inquiries about the review of your case, and to set a schedule for an appointment, you may call our Missouri appellate law firm for a free initial consultation.
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Missouri Criminal Appeals Lawyers

We pay close attention to every aspect of your case, reading and analyzing the transcripts of records, testimony of the witnesses given during the trial and the objections raised and the rulings interposed therein which are materials in advancing the client’s position as either the appellant or the appellee. Call our Missouri appeals attorneys today at (855) 776-2773 to have your case reviewed.