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The Illinois appeals lawyers at our firm are qualified to cover a diverse area of federal and state appeals. We can handle complex commercial and business appeals from Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin and Cicero among other cities. Our Illinois appeal attorneys at Brownstone are able to focus their entire practice on federal and state court appellate litigation. Set up your consultation with our Illinois appeal attorneys by calling (312) 906-7855 for a free consultation.

Our team of appellate lawyers in Illinois is composed of lawyers in the field who have extensive qualifications when it comes to handling civil, criminal and post-conviction appeals. Throughout the years of representing and winning appeals cases, they have earned the reputation of being well prepared appellate lawyers based on the positive feedback from their valued clients. All relevant interests and issues are presented, defended and argued for the overturning of the lower court decision or for obtaining post-conviction relief.

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Appellate Litigation Attorneys in Illinois

The federal lawyers at our firm may handle appeals before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States and U.S. Supreme Court. Clients from across Illinois can seek out our firm for federal civil appeals.Illinois appeal attorneys

Pleading guilty or no contest does not mean you do not have a chance to file a federal appeal. Appeals in Chicago, Illinois may be allowed for orders suppressing evidence, orders dismissing charges before trial, orders on motions to dismiss, finding of incompetency or insanity, discharge under speedy trial rule, discharge under habeas corpus, judgment of acquittal, cross appeals, arrest of judgment, downward departures and restitution orders. Even after a trial, the state and prosecutor can appeal federal orders granting a new trial or a judgment of acquittal after a guilty verdict.

The firm shares a unique commitment to federal appellate litigation. Clients from across the nation can seek the counsel of our firm to argue important cases in federal court. We can argue precedent-setting cases; cases that matter; case where our clients need to obtain results. We have former law clerks, former prosecutors, and members of the Order of Coif that have handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals. The lawyers in our firm may also handle federal appeals in Chicago. They will ensure that your appeal is fast-tracked, well planned and executed in order to increase your chances of winning the case. If you live in Illinois, Brownstone Law is here to have your appeal reviewed.

Filing an Illinois Appeal

The notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of the judgment or order you wish to appeal. It is your formal notice to the court that you are appealing the trial court’s decision. The settled statement is a formal written summary of the proceedings and evidence in the trial court. Statement must contain your grounds for appeal and is designed to assist the appellate judges in reviewing your case. You are required to file a settled statement; the use of a transcript is optional. If you choose to use a transcript, you are responsible for arranging, and paying for its preparation. Contact Brownstone’s Illinois appeal attorneys to schedule your free initial consultation at (312) 906-7855.

Illinois Federal Appeal Lawyers

Our unique Illinois federal appellate practice group appeals cases throughout the state of Illinois. We are strong advocates when it comes to fighting for your rights, and will deliver results that matter when it comes to appeals in Illinois. Contact our Illinois federal appeal lawyers at (312) 906-7855 to schedule your free initial consultation. Our attorneys also focus on Illinois civil appeals, Illinois criminal appeals and federal appeals in Illinois. 

The Illinois federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone brief cases in every appellate court across the United States, including the United States Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States.

Illinois Federal Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone Federal Appeal Attorneys in Illinois

The Illinois federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are recognized for their prominence on appeal and are committed to each of their federal clients. The federal appellate practice team combines powerful skills and experience which means Brownstone presents the best possible opportunities for their clients, handling both civil and criminal appeals, including habeas corpus.

Brownstone appears before the United States Supreme Court. Our lawyers are unique and have a remarkable reputation in the country. We will fight every aspect of the case to develop a winning strategy for the federal appeal. Years of experience has taught Brownstone attorneys how to prepare best possible case for a winning appeal.

Chicago Federal Appellate Litigation

Our federal appeal lawyers handle civil and federal crime appeals. Most of our appeals come from Chicago. The issues we handle are challenging and complex. Our Chicago appellate practice is 100% devoted to civil and criminal appellate matters.

Our Illinois federal appeal lawyers represent clients before the United States Supreme Court and the United States Courts of Appeal. The attorneys at Brownstone are licensed in the United States Supreme Court and all 13 federal appellate courts in the Country. Handling difficult appeals in a broad range of areas, our Illinois appeal attorneys bring sophisticated appellate advocacy and skilled communication, to each and every appeal.

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Clients rely on Brownstone to represent them before the federal courts of appeal in Chicago. Our skilled Illinois federal appeal lawyers practice all types of issues in federal court and address the major concerns of our clients. Nationally recognized for our appellate work, we strive to deliver results and strategic solutions for our clients at the federal court appeal level.

Illinois Federal Crime Appeal Lawyers

The federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone have extensive federal appellate experience in federal appeals in matters related to constitutional law, criminal, white collar, SEC, consumer fraud, insurance, RICO, Class Actions and environmental. We have particular abilities in Chicago appellate practice to advance any federal case.

At the forefront of our Chicago federal practice is our unique team of appellate litigators. Our firm handles federal criminal appeals throughout Illinois, having represented hundreds of clients throughout the country on complex federal appeals. The firm works on drug appeals, drag trafficking, drug possession, federal crimes, and drug manufacturing. We have a distinctive and vast federal criminal appeal practice in Chicago, Illinois. Our Illinois appeals attorneys are seasoned in all areas of federal criminal practice. Several of our Chicago, Illinois federal appeal lawyers are former prosecutors, former law clerks, and former government lawyers.

Contact a Chicago, Illinois federal appeal lawyer today at (312) 906-7855!

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News and Publications: Illinois Appeals

Ann Bogie v. Joan Rivers
October 15th, 2012
Case No. 12-1923
Robert Sirianni, Jr.

Ann Bogie sues Joan Rivers, the famous TV personality for invasion of privacy. Read more about this Illinois federal Appeal by clicking here. Ann Bogie v. Joan Rivers – Illinois Federal Appeal

People v. Darren Denson
November 30, 2014
Case No. 2014-IL-116231

On appeal, defendant argued that the trial court erred in (1) admitting the coconspirator statements that were the subject of the State’s motion in limine, and (2) allowing the State to elicit a prior consistent statement from one of its witnesses. With respect to defendant’s first argument, the appellate court held that defendant forfeited review of this issue both because he (1) failed to file a motion in limine of his own to exclude those statements; and (2) failed to raise a contemporaneous objection when the State introduced those statements at trial.  Read more about this Illinois Criminal Appeal by clicking here. Illinois Criminal Appeal – People v. Darren Denson

People v. Illinois Commerce Commission
November 20, 2014
Case No. 2014-IL-116642

At issue in this appeal is whether the appellate court erred when it dismissed the State’s petition for direct review of an order by the Illinois Commerce Commission on the grounds that the State’s notice of appeal was untimely and therefore insufficient to invoke the appellate court’s jurisdiction.

Read more about this Illinois Civil Appeal by clicking here. Illinois Civil Appeal – Lisa Madigan v. Illinois Commerce Commission

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