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The Law Office of Robert Sirianni works primarily on civil and criminal appeal in Austin Texas. Appeals are notorious for being complex. We offer a team of appellate lawyers who focus on appeals cases to represent individuals who require an experienced appellate law firm. They are experts in preparing writs, briefs, as well as oral arguments to be submitted presented before the Texas Supreme Court on behalf of their clients. Return to our main Texas appeal page or contact our appeal lawyers for Texas cases at (512) 318-2968. Or, please fill out the contact form to talk with a appeals lawyers in Texas.

Appellate litigation is a field different from trial law and requires different skills. The Texas appeal lawyers at our firm are professionals dedicated to such cases. Contact our Austin Appeal Attorney at (512) 318-2968. We can also handle federal appeals for Austin Texas.

Austin Criminal Appeals: Appealing A Criminal Conviction

Our approach is client-centered because the client’s success is directly related to our own. Individuals selecting our servipost

ces benefit from free consultations in the beginning and arrangements for appointments and payment that are flexible to suit their requirements. The appeals lawyers at our firm are 100% dedicated to our clients’ goals.

In spite of the criminal justice system in the United States, which claims a fair trial before an unbiased jury, there is always a chance of an unjust conviction. Choosing us as their appeals attorney, the clients are, in fact, making sure the verdict is the right one. We work to increase their chances of winning civil and criminal case appeals. Call us at (512) 318-2968.

Each individual client is given due attention at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni. The court sanctions a notice of appeal to be filed in under thirty days after a conviction. For immediate action with respect to criminal appeals, it is only better that individuals contact us sooner. Also, if there was any unacceptable evidence presented at their trial or some error which they believed occurred during the trial, they can still contact us immediately and be assured that we will begin a follow-up presentation for their case. Our appellate law firm for Texas only defends criminal cases and with a perfect team, we have managed a successful record of getting convictions reduced and/or otherwise overturned for our clients.

Austin Texas Appellate Attorneys

At our law firm, you will get experienced Austin appeal lawyers in the state who focus in civil law cases that include business and labor law, foreclosures, and environmental law. They are experienced in both defending and prosecuting while handling civil cases across the state in front of the state as well as Texas federal courts.

The appeals attorneys at our firm work to guarantee that your time and money are well-spent. In situations where you have been wrongfully convicted, they will help to get your reputation back. We are proud of our work ethics and morality in dealing with individual clients. Our law firm also can handle Texas post-conviction relief motions.

Let our Austin Appeal Lawyers get the desired results for you.

Appeal Attorneys Austin Texas

Brownstone Law is a leading appellate firm that deals with legal issues at the appellate level. We have filed for appeals across various appellate courts including the federal courts, as well as the Texas courts. Our appeal attorneys in Austin, Texas are some of the most experienced and well trained attorneys in the legal field. They offer services related to filing civil and federal appeals for a wide range of clients.

At Brownstone, our top notch appeal attorneys attribute their success in filing effective appeals to thorough research. Plus, they also pay attention to developing concise and detailed briefs, along with explicit legal analysis. Our attorneys are dedicated to putting their best efforts with the intention of providing ultimate benefit to the client.

As far as the U.S legal system is concerned, fair trials are a rare scenario, and often, people are convicted wrongfully without proper evidence or even due to existing prejudice. Brownstone’s appeal lawyers are there to make sure this never happens to any of their clients.

Brownstone’s appeal lawyers have worked with every type of cases possible. This often includes handling cases related to environmental law, labor law, business law, and even, foreclosures. Our appeal lawyers also have sufficient experience with post-conviction relief motions.

If a client has been convicted for a crime they did not commit, Brownstone’s appeal lawyers will make sure their reputation is kept intact.

Brownstone has always been particular about meeting client’s needs and requirements. That is why the Brownstone name continues to be associated with dependability and trust even today.

If you live in Austin, Texas and are seeking guidance in filing appeals, please call Brownstone Law at (512) 318-2968.

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