Why choose Brownstone Appellate Law Firm?

We believe that our appellate law firm at Brownstone Law has strong appellate advocates. We strive for perfection, we search for truth, and we protect the rule of law. The Brownstone Law appeal lawyers at our law office handle hundreds of appeals in civil and criminal cases, including post conviction and habeas corpus writs.

Appellate Awards and Experience Brownstone Law

Our appellate law firm has experience in many areas of state or federal appeals. Our appellate law firm is different because we focus 100% of our practice on appeals. Our appeal attorneys are knowledgeable on the latest changes in the law. We believe in winning appeals for our clients.  Connect with Brownstone Law Firm for reviews and information about our cases.

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State Court Appeals

The appellate lawyers at Brownstone Law Firm are lead by Robert Sirianni.  The firm handles criminal and civil appeals in the following states and jurisdictions:

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The law firm also handles PSR sentencing hearings as well as federal sentencing lawyers for federal crimes.

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