Role of a criminal appeal lawyer in presenting your case in Orlando

The long fight in criminal cases makes you more tired and disappointed when the decision comes against you. After a long fight, in the court, a decision that is against you makes you disappointed and sometimes hopeless. Well lucky for you that it is not the end of the road. There is more to fight […]

An Overview of the practicing appellate lawyers in Houston

The judicial system is intended to protect the rights of the citizens and keep society in order. There are a whole bunch of laws that are being enforced in a society to keep it peaceful and provide security to the people. The laws work both ways; if you are accused wrongly and have been framed, […]

A Comprehensive Overview of Appellate Lawyers in Miami

After a case has been tried in court and you have got a negative decision, what to do now? Yes, you are given a right of appeal to identify the legal errors in the decision if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the case. The legal system in the United States is different […]

What’s the Difference Between Trial & Appellate Attorney in Florida?

When most individuals think of hiring an attorney in Florida, the first thing that pops into their minds is hiring a trial lawyer, one who can help them with their case at the trial level. But if the case doesn’t go your way, you’ll need to hire an experienced and skilled appellate attorneys in Florida […]

Common Florida Appellate Lawyer Terminology To Know: Appeals Attorneys in Florida

Appellate Lawyers process  in Florida Are you planning to file an appeal process shortly? Brownstone Law can appeal any criminal appeal.  You’ve probably already noticed that the appellate process isn’t like going to trial. Moreover, there’s lots of legal terminology one must understand. It can be challenging to make sense of the appeal process if […]

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