6 Tips for Appellate Advocacy Especially If you’re Appellant’s Counsel

The appeal is the means by which the modification of a resolution or sentence is requested by the higher judicial organization that issued it. An appeal filed against a sentence of a Criminal Court, for it to be reviewed by the Provincial Court. The appellate attorneys use the term appeal, to refer to those appeals […]

Why Hire a Criminal Appellate Attorney?

The Importance of Appellate Attorneys The word “attorney” means many different things to many different people. Attorney traditionally translate as someone who is well versed in the law. In decades past this was probably a fair translation. In today’s world this translation is about as useful as knowing that a teacher is someone who helps […]

Does Sex Sell?

Ask anyone in the marketing industry whether sex sells and the answer is almost always a resounding yes.  Ask someone in law enforcement, however, and the answer quickly becomes the opposite. In the United States there is an outright prohibition on the sale or solicitation of sex. As with all outright prohibitions, there is one […]

Lisa Mearkle: A Question of Self Defense or Criminal Homicide

In February a Hummelstown Police Officer named Lisa Mearkle attempted to pull over David Kassick. Mearkle noticed that the car Kassick drove had an expired inspection and emissions sticker. Kassick was not interested in pulling over that day. He sped away, leaving Mearkle with little choice but to chase after him. Mearkle caught up to […]

The War on Drugs: Is It Enemy #1?

When President Nixon declared drug abuse as Americas public enemy number one” in 1971, he wasn’t kidding. Could his declaration been an unintentional foreshadowing of the future? Suddenly many federal agencies were created to try to stop the influx of drugs into the United States, and made not only their use, but possession, a serious […]

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