Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board Packaging Law Appeals

Pennsylvania’s New Packaging It has been an eventful start to 2015 for officials at Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board. Recently the LCB was involved in a bit of a debate over the meaning of an antiquated packaging law. A Pennsylvania statute written during the post-Prohibition era placed some interesting restrictions on beer distributors. The statute permitted […]

Former Mayor of Detroit Michigan Kwame Kilpatrick Appeals Conviction

Former Mayor of Detroit Michigan Kwame Kilpatrick Appeals Conviction Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, was convicted for public corruption charges. He has argued since the get go that his conviction would not have occurred if he had had a better attorney during the trial phase. His most recent appeal took place last month […]

Supreme Court Rules Police Cannot Search Suspects’ Cell Phone Without Warrant

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled on a case that will have wide impact on the way law enforcement collects evidence in the digital age. As a federal appeals lawyer discusses, warrantless searches of a suspect’s cell phone have been held unconstitutional in most cases. The Background of the Case The issue before the court was […]

Florida May Become First Southeast State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

As an appeals lawyer discusses, Florida may well become the twenty-third state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Although the measure must still be voted on and signed into law, marijuana entrepreneurs are hopeful. The State of the Law on Medical Marijuana Twenty two states currently have laws legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Florida may soon join […]

Texas Mortician Receives Early Release From Prison After 1996 Murder

Former undertaker Bernie Tiede was released early from prison upon the recommendation of the District Attorney who prosecuted him. As a Texas criminal appeals attorney explains, Tiede’s case later inspired a 2012 feature film. The Background of the Case Former mortician Bernie Tiede shot and killed a friend of his, 81 year old widow Marjorie Nugent. As […]

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