What Goes into a Good Appellate Brief?

Writing an appellate brief is a part of every law school’s training, and students are required to practice writing briefs in the first year of college. Yet, there is a subtle art to writing a successful appellate brief. An ineffective brief could be an important reason for a lost appeal. Our team of top appellate […]

Tips for Writing a Strong Appellate Brief for the First Time

Writing a perfect and convincing appellate brief is art perfected by experienced appellate lawyers over time. For inexperienced lawyers, writing a strong appellate brief for the first time can be a daunting challenge. Essentially, an appellate brief is a formal document presented to an appeals court by lawyers which covers all legal arguments supporting their […]

All You Need To Know About Appellate Lawyers

If you ever had to deal an appeal or came across someone who was an appellate lawyer, you might have wondered, why do we need an appellate lawyer? Why can’t we use the same lawyer for trials and appeals? You are not alone, many people unfamiliar with appellate attorneys in Georgia have the same questions […]

Uber Complaint for Taxi Fees

Uber Gets Sued By Prosecutor for Background Checks Ubering Around The ride-share company known as Uber has turned itself into a multi-million dollar enterprise almost overnight. Not more than five years ago “hailing a cab” had nothing to do with your cell phone. Today app-based ride ordering is an everyday practice all around the world. […]

Federal Judge Blocks Secret Probe into Wisconsin Governors 2012 Recall Election

Shortly after Governor Scott Walker won the June 2012 recall election in Wisconsin, District Attorney John Chisholm launched a secret probe to investigate illegal activity surrounding the election. This secret probe is referred to as a John Doe proceeding and is defined by Wisconsin Statute 968.26 as a proceeding to determine whether a crime has been committed […]

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