Post-Conviction Relief Process: How does the Process Work?

Most people believe that after a court case has concluded, the punishment will either be allowed to stand or the accused person will appeal the decision to a higher court. In reality, there is a third choice, post-conviction relief, available to those formerly convicted. However, most people may not know what does post-conviction relief mean. […]

4 Qualities to Look for in a Federal Appeal Lawyer

Appellate advocacy is the best way to undo an unfavorable judgment or preserve a hard-fought victory. But appellate advocacy requires specific skills that are different from those needed in a trial lawyer. If you are looking for a federal appeal lawyer, here are a few qualities to consider. 1. Expertise Appellate law is different. While […]

The U.S. Supreme Court Makes Major Decision on IQ Testing in Death Penalty Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed down a landmark decision concerning how state’s can determine mental disabilities in death penalty cases. A Florida appeals attorney explains the background and meaning of the ruling. How the Case Came Before the Court In 1978, Freddie Hall was convicted of murdering Karol Hurst, a 21-year-old pregnant woman. Hall […]

Mercks Lawyers Scolded for Failure to Inform New Jersey Appellate Court of a Settlement

Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck), headquartered in New Jersey, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merck is committed to improving health and well-being around the world” and has developed a plethora of prescription medications and vaccines. However, like other pharmaceutical companies in its industry, Merck has also been privy to its fair […]

A New Emerging Loophole to Attorney-Client Privilege

According to a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007, 43% of fraud detected in American corporations was due to whistleblowers, whereas professional auditors constituted only 19%. With the government providing more incentives to employees for blowing the whistle on their employers questionably illegal activities, corporate executives are becoming unsure about whom they can trust. A corporations team […]

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