Chuck Yeager Tackles Numerous Legal Battles

After spending the better part of his life accomplishing what most men could only dream of, the legendary General Charles Chuck Yeager has been locked up with legal issues for the past few years. Once admired for being a WWII stud pilot, the first to break the sound barrier in 1947 and parachuting out of […]

OSHA Wins Victory in Seaworld Case Involving Death of Trainer

OSHA Wins Victory in Seaworld Case Involving Death of Trainer A high profile accident at Sea World has wound its way through the Federal appellate court system. As a Florida appeals attorney explains, the latest ruling represents a victory for OSHA. Recent Court Ruling Regarding Sea World Sea World has been at the center of […]

How a Conflict of State and Local Laws Can Muddy Open Carry Laws

While Texas law allows citizens to openly carry firearms, local law can sometimes conflict. A Texas appeal attorney can discuss how these laws are applied and how this conflict may have been the root of one man’s recent controversial run-in with law enforcement. A Texas Federal Appeals Attorney Discusses Texas’s Open Carry Law Texas is […]

Federal Ruling Keeps Ohio’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage In Play For Now

State and federal courts have ping-ponged the issue of state same-sex marriage bans in recent months. As an Ohio appeals attorney can explain, Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage will stay in effect at least for the time being. An Ohio Federal Appeals Attorney Discusses Ohio’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ohio’s current law prohibits the state from recognizing […]

Constitutional Rights to Flash Headlights

We’ve all seen cars that flash their headlights to warn fellow drivers of a nearby police officer. While this practice may be annoying to law enforcement, an appeals attorney can explain to you why flashing your headlights may be a constitutionally protected form of communication. State Laws Addressing Headlight Flashing Explained Several states have already introduced state […]

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