Qu’eed Batts and the case of Clarence Edwards

Qu’eed Batts and the case of Clarence Edwards In the United States criminal justice system we differentiate between crimes that only require an act and crimes that require intent. Colloquially, we often refer to crimes requiring only intent as “statutory” crimes; by way of example, no mindset is required to prove that someone is guilty […]

Appeal Lawyers in Austin: What They Do

If you are unfamiliar with appeals and what happens in them, don’t worry  you are not alone.  Having to go to court for anything can be a daunting experience.  Even more so when you do not win your case.  However, there are lawyers who specialize in taking on appeals.  An appeal can be defined as […]

6 Facts from Appeal Lawyers in Houston

Filing an appeal isn’t a simple process and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. One of the most common is that most people don’t know what federal criminal appeals are or how they can affect proceedings. Before deciding to file an appeal, you should use this guide to help clear up any misunderstandings […]

What to Expect When you hire an Appeals Attorney in Jacksonville

Hiring an appeals attorney is not a place that anyone wants to be. When you need to hire an appeals attorney it not only means you are in legal trouble, it also means that your case did not turn out the way you had hoped. Whether you need criminal appeal attorneys or civil appeals attorneys, […]

Using Appeal Attorneys Austin to Gain a More Favorable Outcome

Things don’t always work out as you plan, and one of the most common of those things is a jury trial. This trial might have been for a criminal or civil matter, but either way, it has had a significant impact on your life. In fact, you might have experience incarceration as a direct result […]

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