Common Florida Appellate Lawyer Terminology To Know: Appeals Attorneys in Florida

Appellate Lawyers process  in Florida Are you planning to file an appeal process shortly? Brownstone Law can appeal any criminal appeal.  You’ve probably already noticed that the appellate process isn’t like going to trial. Moreover, there’s lots of legal terminology one must understand. It can be challenging to make sense of the appeal process if […]

What Happens if a Notice of Appeal Is Filed While Post-Trial Motions Are Pending in Tampa?

It can be extremely disappointing to have a judge rule against you in a trial court. If the verdict isn’t in your favor, you’ve got two options: Accept the judge’s decision and move on File an appeal because you believe an error has been made Appeal lawyers in Florida can appeal the ruling you received […]

Post-Conviction Relief Process: How does the Process Work?

Most people believe that after a court case has concluded, the punishment will either be allowed to stand or the accused person will appeal the decision to a higher court. In reality, there is a third choice, post-conviction relief, available to those formerly convicted. However, most people may not know what does post-conviction relief mean. […]

How Does the Appeal Procedure Work?

In the United States’ legal system, a case is first tried in a trial court. Once a ruling has been issued, parties to the case can appeal this ruling. Usually, it’s the losing party that files an appeal. To get the appeals process in motion, an appellate lawyer must be hired. They’ll know where the […]

What Are the Common Grounds for Criminal Appeals?

A criminal conviction doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Even if you’ve been found guilty by a trial court, you can appeal to the circuit court if you believe you have been wrongly convicted or received a harsh sentence. When an appeal goes to an appellate court, any one of the following scenarios […]

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