5 Steps to Appeal a Criminal Conviction

A criminal case conviction does not typically end with a guilty or not guilty verdict. Either party can appeal the ruling, and the case can continue. Defendants who feel they’re wrongfully convicted can make a motion to the trial judge seeking to overturn the verdict. They can also ask for a new trial or appeal […]

What Is Appellate Law?

Appellate law is about undoing a less than favorable trial court outcome. However, an appeal is not a new trial because you cannot present new evidence or consider new witnesses. Appellate lawyers scrutinize trial records and other documents, including trial transcripts and evidentiary materials. Then, they analyze relevant case laws to decide if it makes […]

What Are the Causes of Wrongful Conviction?

Although we have a robust judicial system that aims to protect innocent people, wrongful convictions still happen for several reasons. Some people spend more than ten years in jail and only then get exonerated later. Someone who is wrongfully convicted may go through trauma that scars them for life. What leads to wrongful convictions? If […]

What to Consider When Hiring an Appellate Attorney

After you lose a civil or criminal case in a trial court, you are entitled to appeal the judgment in the appellate court. You can use the same lawyer who presented your case in the trial court or hire an appeal lawyer. Consider that the appellate procedure is different from the trial court proceedings. It […]

4 Tips to Help You Win Your Criminal Appeal

Being convicted in a criminal case can cause some serious consequences in your personal and professional life. There are a number of privileges you might lose, including your right to drive and to vote. The punishment for a more serious felony will be thousands of dollars in fines and a longer prison term. The good […]

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