Court Rules That Jodi Arias May Still Face Death Penalty

The lawyers for Jodi Arias have lost their attempt to have the death penalty removed from the table of options for her sentencing. An Arizona federal appeals lawyer explains the basis for the defense’s request and what’s next for Arias. Recent Developments in the Jodi Arias Case As a Arizona federal appeals attorney discusses, Jodi Arias was convicted of […]

Brevard Judge Accused of Punching Public Defender

When Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock entered the courtroom yesterday, he may have been prepared to exchange some verbal blows if needed with Judge John Murphy, but probably not the physical kind. In a showdown not exactly sanctioned by the State of Florida, and one that both had probably dreamed of at some point in […]

Amanda Knox Convicted Again

Amanda Knox and Boyfriend Found Guilty of Murder by Italian Court After reading Amanda Knoxs book, Waiting to Be Heard, most people, especially Americans, would probably agree that she was simply living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most people would probably also agree that maybe the way she handled the situation when […]

Kenneth Minor: The Hit Man Hired by the Victim

Jeffrey Locker was a successful motivational speaker and author living in a beautiful home with three children in an affluent area of Long Island, New York. Life was going well for him, until the market crashed in 2008, and a year later, he decided that he needed to do the unthinkable to “help and provide” […]

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