The Complete Criteria of Pressing Charges against Someone

If someone has committed a criminal offense against another person, generally it’s the victim who wants to press charges to get justice. In contrast with civil offenses, pressing criminal charges can be quite difficult. Unlike civil lawsuits where the victim is able to directly file charges against the person who committed an offense, criminal lawsuits […]

Michael Dunn Shoots and Kills 17 year old Jordan Davis

Florida and Stand Your Ground, Take 2: Michael Dunn Shoots and Kills Jordan Davis Not too long after the controversial George Zimmerman case came to a verdict, Florida had a new stand your ground case with national attention. This time Michael Dunn was accused of murdering 17 year old Jordan Davis. Mr. Dunn claims self-defense, […]

Criminal Trial Of David Camm

Third Times the Charm for David Camm It has taken 13 years and three trials for former Indiana policeman David Camm to finally walk out of prison, exonerated from two previous murder convictions. It was September of 2000 when David Camm arrived home and opened his garage door to find a grizzly scene; his wife […]

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