Florida May Become First Southeast State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

As an appeals lawyer discusses, Florida may well become the twenty-third state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Although the measure must still be voted on and signed into law, marijuana entrepreneurs are hopeful. The State of the Law on Medical Marijuana Twenty two states currently have laws legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Florida may soon join […]

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott Agrees to Support Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Extract for Medical Use

Florida governor Rick Scott has indicated he will sign a law legalizing a certain form of marijuana for medical use. As an Florida appeals attorney can explain, this represents a victory for proponents of medical marijuana though Governor Scott still opposes full medical marijuana legalization. The Background Behind Recent Medical Marijuana Legislation The Republican-controlled Florida House […]

Big Meech Searches for Clemency

Petition to Commute or Lower Sentence for Big Meech In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began indicting members of the Black Mafia Family (BMF) in connection with a multi-state drug distribution ring, targeting over 150 members of the gang. Having strong connections with Mexican based cartels, the group is alleged to have laundered over […]

The War on Drugs: Is It Enemy #1?

When President Nixon declared drug abuse as Americas public enemy number one” in 1971, he wasn’t kidding. Could his declaration been an unintentional foreshadowing of the future? Suddenly many federal agencies were created to try to stop the influx of drugs into the United States, and made not only their use, but possession, a serious […]

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