Utah Passes Charlees Law

Cannabis oil is deemed medically legal in Utah as part of Charlee’s Law In the wake of the recent vote in Kentucky that allowed cannabis oil to be administered to patients (particularly children) suffering from severe epilepsy, the governor of Utah has signed a bill passing Charlees Law, which allows the use of cannabis oil […]

Kentucky Legalizes Marijuana Oil

Recently, the vastly conservative state of Kentucky Senate unanimously voted (38-0) to pass a bill that would legalize the medical use of marijuana oil. The bill was largely supported by the Kentucky state governor, as well as the state police. In its next phase, the bill is likely to pass in the House, which would […]

Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana

State By Case Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana At the start of this year, Colorado was the first state to implement the legal use of recreational marijuana. It is a huge milestone and an ongoing battle to make weed decriminalized and legal in the United States. While the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana, it […]

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