Former Georgia Attorney Found Guilty of Murder

Attorney Alec McNaughton found guilty of murder. It was Valentine’s Day 2009 and former Georgia attorney Alec McNaughton and his wife Cathy celebrated the holiday by exchanging cards and gifts over a nice breakfast together. They each expressed their love for each other in the cards, shared chocolates, and somehow within hours, Cathy would lay […]

5 children drowned by their mother, Andrea Yates

Andrea Yates, Texas Mother Who Drowned Her Five Children Her oldest child would have been 20 years old this year. Her youngest would have been 14, while the children in between them would be 15, 17, and 19 years old. Five children, all under the age of seven, had their lives taken in June 2001 […]

Man, Superman, Gunman? The Oscar Pistorious Murder Trial

The trial of the world-famous Olympic double-amputee Oscar Pistorious began March 3rd, 2014. The Blade Runner has pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorious has admitted that yes, it was he who fired the shots through the door that killed Steenkamp, but he says he mistook her for an […]

Ryan Ferguson, Wrongfully Convicted and Finally Free

Ryan Ferguson is finally free after 10 years in prison. It was Halloween night, 2001. Sports editor of the Columbia Tribune Kent Heitholt was coming off of his shift at two in the morning. In the small town of Columbia, Missouri, he walked outside to his car, but he never made it inside. He was […]

Michael Dunn Shoots and Kills 17 year old Jordan Davis

Florida and Stand Your Ground, Take 2: Michael Dunn Shoots and Kills Jordan Davis Not too long after the controversial George Zimmerman case came to a verdict, Florida had a new stand your ground case with national attention. This time Michael Dunn was accused of murdering 17 year old Jordan Davis. Mr. Dunn claims self-defense, […]

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