Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board Packaging Law Appeals

Pennsylvania’s New Packaging It has been an eventful start to 2015 for officials at Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board. Recently the LCB was involved in a bit of a debate over the meaning of an antiquated packaging law. A Pennsylvania statute written during the post-Prohibition era placed some interesting restrictions on beer distributors. The statute permitted […]

A Pennsylvania Teen Will Face Charges in Juvenile Court For Deadly Crash

In a horrific, fatal crash, 59-year-old Nickolas Zurilla was killed. 16-year-old Tyler Duda was driving. As a Pennsylvania appeal lawyer explains, Duda will now face charges as a juvenile. Our Criminal Appeals Attorney Describes the Background of the Case As a Pennsylvania criminal appeals lawyer explains, it’s alleged that 16-year-old Tyler Duda took the keys to his […]

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