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Phoenix Federal Appeals Attorneys

Federal Appeals Lawyers Phoenix Arizona

The Phoenix appeal lawyers at Brownstone offer innovative and strategic ways of examining cases that are returning to court for appeal. We provide a closer re-examination of the case and issues at hand so that we can deliver a top quality appeal. Our extensive experience in the federal appeals courts of Phoenix means that we know how important it is to be clear and persuasive in the brief time permitted for appeal presentations. When you’re ready to have your case reviewed, call us at (480) 422-3255Connect with our Arizona appellate lawyers. Contact our appellate lawyers (480) 422-3255.

We have effectively represented our clients on a wide range of Phoenix appeal cases in the energy, telecommunication, defense, infrastructure and Medicare sectors. With the kind of experience that we have, defendants have the highest chance of obtaining a positive outcome from the appeal process. The secret to a successful Supreme Court appeal relies on the kind of writs and briefs that are presented to the appeals judges. The outcome of the appeal process is also affected by the oral skills of the appellate attorneys. At Brownstone, we present the best legal briefs, writs and oral arguments at the Supreme Court. This explains why we win most of our cases. Our federal appellate attorneys conduct painstaking research in order to strengthen the appeal cases they are handling. We have also effectively filed for petitions of writ of certiorari, motions to overturn conviction, motions to withdraw plea, motions of habeas corpus and motions of post-conviction relief.

Phoenix Federal Criminal Appeals

Our years of successfully experience in appellate law has helped perfect our ability to deal with civil and criminal appeal cases. These cases include but are not limited to business torts, trademark and copyright disputes, insurance fraud, federal deportations, medical negligence, tax evasion, illegal drug cultivation and possession, financial and white collar crimes. Our hard work and dedication can be seen from the numerous reduced sentences that we have obtained. Some of our clients have also been acquitted or secured a new trial. With us, plaintiffs who have been awarded less money than what they expected can also have an increase in compensation money.


Our Arizona appeal lawyers are licensed in every federal court of appeals and have argued as high as the Arizona Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. We are known for our well-researched and persuasive briefs, and our thoughtful presentation of the issues on appeal. We have argued hundreds of cases before both civil and criminal courts, and that experience shows. Most appeals start before the Phoenix Federal District Court and proceed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Phoenix Federal Appellate Law Firm

At Brownstone, our Phoenix appeal lawyers provide some of the most qualified appellate representation in the Arizona legal system. We know how important the right advice can be in winning an appeal case, and our experienced lawyers will explore every avenue to find the right path for you. We argue both criminal and civil cases and represent clients throughout Arizona, not just the Phoenix area.

We have argued some of the most difficult and complex cases for our clients throughout Arizona. We work with both businesses and individuals in a range of legal areas, including intellectual property, labor, business, construction, white-collar crime, foreclosures, drug appeals and more. With experience representing cases in the highest courts in the state and nation, Brownstone is the only federal appellate law firm equipped to provide you with sophisticated appellate representation. Contact us today to begin exploring the options that will serve you. Our Phoenix appeal lawyers know that we succeed when you succeed, and we will examine every possibility to help you win. Our federal attorneys handle cases in Phoenix, Glendale, Tucson and Mesa Arizona. Connect with our federal appeals lawyers in Phoenix (480) 422-3255.

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