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The Kansas City appeal lawyer of Brownstone, P.A. is an experienced appeals court law firm who knows that appellate law situations are often more complex that trial law cases. Our Kansas City federal lawyers are experienced in both criminal and civil cases, excelling in the preparation of appellate briefs and oral argument process. Brownstone Law’s Federal appellate lawyer has excellent legal research and writing skills and can help you get the best results. Let our appeal attorneys review your case today by calling us at (855) 776-2773 and scheduling your free initial consultation.

Among the cases that our appellate lawyer can handle are federal mail and wire fraud cases. Any kind of communication used in the commission of a fraudulent crime is an additional crime in itself. This includes fax, email, wire transfers, phone calls, Internet communication, and regular mail. Depending on the format, these are classified as either mail or wire fraud. Such acts can come with a penalty of 20-30 years imprisonment. If you are facing this type of case at the trial or appellate levels, seek out an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

Kansas City Appellate Lawyers

Kansas City Appellate Lawyer

The civil cases handled by our appeal lawyers may include cases like medical malpractice suits, environmental litigation, business law, labor law, foreclosures, and intellectual property rights disputes, among others. In civil cases we offer both defense and prosecutorial services. Our Federal lawyers have argued many cases in front of state and federal courts across the country.

Contact our Kansas City appellate law firm today for your free and confidential consultation. After assessing you case, we can better understand how to help you with your legal concerns. If you feel like you are the underdog, Brownstone is the place to turn for legal counsel that will make a difference.

Our federal law firm notes that the appellate procedure at the supreme, federal and state courts is quite challenging. That’s why we specialize in appeal cases only in order to ensure that our clients have best chances of winning. At the Supreme Court, our appeals attorneys can file for motions and petitions such as a petition for writ of certiorari, motion to withdraw plea, motion for post-conviction relief, motion to vacate conviction and motion of habeas corpus.

Criminal Wire Fraud in Kansas City

In preparing their appeal briefs and pleadings and in creating an oral argument, our Federal appellate lawyer makes sure that they have examined all aspects of the case and have exhausted all the necessary and important issues in which they need to obtain acquittal or remanding of the case to the trial court, extraordinary relief in post-conviction in criminal cases, or reliefs just and equitable under the premises in civil cases. Our lawyer examines all aspects of the respective client’s case while preparing briefs, pleadings, and oral arguments and use all resources to obtain the desired outcome (acquittal or extraordinary reliefs).

We also support federal appeals St. Louis Missouri. Contact our Kansas City federal appeal lawyers today.

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