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The Cape Coral appeal lawyers of Brownstone, P.A. are some of the most experienced criminal and civil appeals attorneys in the country. Our appellate lawyers recognize that the appeals process is often more complex than trial court cases, thus, we strive to bring our expertise to each case. Our Cape Coral appeal lawyers have argued hundreds of cases in state and federal courts across the state of Florida. Brownstone’s Florida appeal lawyers have excellent legal research and writing skills that they bring to the preparation of appellate briefs, along with being experts in the art of oral argumentation. If you are appealing a civil or criminal case, we can help you navigate the process. Call us today at 1-888-233-8895.

Civil Appeals in Cape Coral Fl

Among the civil cases that we handle are complex business appeals and torts. Our Cape Coral appeal lawyers know that civil law cases are often the most stressful and emotional situations. We recognize how important your children and assets are to you and we will work to get you a better result on appeal or help you to maintain a ruling that is being appealed by the other side. Civil or business appeals consists of a number of areas, including divorce, modification, termination, custody, visitation, child support, equitable distribution of assets, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, international parental kidnapping cases and grandparents’ rights.

Contact us right away if you want to appeal a family law case. In cases of modification or appeals of non-final orders, you may only have 15 days to file an appeal. For most family law concerns, you have 30 days to file an appeal, so it is imperative that Brownstone’s Cape Coral appeal lawyers begin working with you as soon as possible.

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Cape Coral Appeal Lawyers

The appellate work of our Cape Coral appeal lawyers is proof of their expertise not just in family law, but in a wide variety of civil and criminal court cases as well. We bring our expertise to every case so that we can best serve you. If you are considering appealing a case in family court or in any other area of the Florida appellate system, contact us right away. Brownstone offers free and confidential consultations for all cases. Let us work with you to serve you better.  Appeals in Cape Coral Florida begin by filing a notice of appeal in Lee County Appellate Courts and then preparing  a record on appeal. 

Our Brownstone appellate lawyers in Cape Coral have many years of combined experience when it comes to handling and representing civil and criminal cases on appeal. They are well adjusted to the complexities of the appeal processes and have a vast experience of litigating civil and criminal cases. They have argued many cases before the Court of Appeals, the Federal Appellate Court and in the Supreme Court. Their excellent writing skills are shown by the way their appellate briefs influence the minds of the appellate judges, as evident in the number of cases they have won throughout the years. The manner by which they deliver their arguments before the appellate court and the substance of their arguments in each issue they advanced and defend on appeal are factors that also convince the appellate judges to reverse, modify or acquit the accused in the criminal case.

Florida Appellate Law Cape Coral Florida

In Florida, the appellate courts handling criminal appeals can produce several results. The original decision being assailed can be vacated. The appellate court can choose to order new trial or to remand the case to the trial court for further proceedings. The defendant can be ordered released by the appellate court if the evidence used by the trial court for conviction is proven to have not discharged the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt that is essential to convict an accused in criminal cases. We also handle writs of habeas corpus. Brownstone lawyers can also pray for mitigation of the sentence given by the trial court when it is shown that the punishment rendered by the original court of jurisdiction is excessive.

If you are looking for expert appellate lawyers in Cape Coral, then Brownstone Law is the answer to your prayers. Filing an appeal can turn out to be a process that is hard and complicated. Fortunately, our appeal attorneys are highly skilled in the area of appellate law and they have represented a wide range of clients in the past. Brownstone’s appeal attorneys are also skilled at developing effective writs and briefs through detailed research.

Apart from their ability to develop effective writs, Brownstone’s appeal attorneys also possess the skill to make strong oral arguments in the clients favor. This is why our appeals lawyers are chosen by clients for representation at the appellate level time and again.  The Twentieth Judicial Circuit in Florida is the home of all appeals that originate from Cape Coral Florida.

As stated earlier, Brownstone’s appeal lawyers handle a wide variety of cases. However, they have developed a specialization for certain types of cases. For instance, family law cases are handled by our appeal attorneys quite often. These cases can be quite stressful and emotions often run high. Our Florida appellate law firm is led by Robert Sirianni appeals lawyer.

Our appellate attorneys in Cape Coral Florida are extremely sensitive to matters involving family law and they will always put their best effort in ensuring that you, as a client, have a solid chance at seeing a positive outcome. Some of the areas that fall under the family law that Brownstone’s appeal attorneys work on include;post conviction relief, child support, custody, visitation rights, grandparent’s rights, parental kidnapping, divorce and more.

Our success in the past is proof of our dedication and expertise. Whether it’s civil, criminal, or federal, Brownstone’s appeal attorneys are more than capable of handling all types of appeals.

If you are a resident of Cape Coral and would like to file an appeal, please get in touch with Brownstone Law. Our appeal attorneys are always ready to help and guide you regarding appellate law. So, stop waiting and call us at 1-888-233-8895.


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