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Post-Conviction Attorneys

Brownstone focuses on post-conviction work. We file post-conviction motions and writs of habeas corpus. Our Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys work to overturn your conviction or obtain a new trial for you. The Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys at Brownstone focus on delivering results that matter and criminal post-conviction motions and hearings across the country.

Post-conviction litigation is a unique legal area that may be available to people who have been convicted of a crime, after appeal rights have been exhausted. You may also qualify to withdraw your plea. Call our Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys at (855) 776-2773.

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Motion to Vacate a Judgment and Sentence

Under statute a person convicted of a crime may file a Motion to Vacate Conviction and/or Sentence requesting a new trial or sentencing. There are various grounds to withdraw your plea or for Post-conviction grounds which include the following reasons:

  • Ineffective Counsel
  • Newly Discovered Evidence
  • The Judgment and Sentence is Void or Illegal
  • The Conviction and Sentence is unconstitutional

If your motion is denied you may appeal to the United States Court of Appeals or States Courts of Appeals.

Post-Conviction Motions for Relief 

Our appellate law firm has experience in filing federal court post-conviction claims for inmates and defendants across the nation and in every federal appellate court. Whether you are an inmate in prison or a defendant that wants to vacate an old conviction, our post conviction law firm can help. We represent clients seeking to:

  • Vacate a previous conviction
  • Motions to Reduce Sentence
  • Motion to Overturn Judgment
  • Motions for Habeas Corpus Relief
  • Commutations (federal and state)
  • Pardons and Clemency (federal and state)
  • Motions for New Trial
  • Motions Based on Newly Discovered Evidence

Habeas Corpus Motions

Motions for Habeas Corpus are normally filed after a person has exhausted all appellate remedies. Under the AEDPA (The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act) a defendant has 1 year and 90 days to file a writ of habeas corpus under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Defendants must exhaust all state remedies, including PDR claims, post-conviction relief motions, state court habeas claims, direct appeals to the circuit courts and highest court. Read more about Habeas Corpus Petitions

Have you received a conviction that you’re eager to have overturned? Maybe your sentence is harsher than it should be? Whatever your situation may be, our legal team can help you get post-conviction relief. Brownstone Law’s Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys have helped thousands of clients file a post-conviction motion for relief, which can make a world of difference in your life, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fines and months (or years) of imprisonment.

There are four common types of post-conviction relief. Chances are, you qualify for at least one of the following post-conviction motions:

  • Motion to reduce sentence
  • Motion for newly discovered evidence
  • Motion for ineffective counsel
  • Motion to withdraw plea

Motion to Reduce Sentence

Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys

A motion to reduce sentence is fairly self-explanatory. If you have received a sentence that can be construed as illegal and/or is excessively harsh, then you can qualify for filing a motion to reduce the sentence. Brownstone has helped countless clients file motions to reduce sentence.

Motion for Newly Discovered Evidence

This type of motion took the legal world by storm when DNA evidence came into play. Many high profile criminal cases from years past had to be reviewed by the courts a second time because of the advent of DNA evidence. However, there are many other types of evidence that can push you to file a motion for newly discovered evidence.

As accomplished appeals lawyers, we understand that the strength of an appeal lies within discerning case law research, meticulous review of your trial, and compelling presentation before the courts. Our appeal lawyers are highly proficient law researchers, writers, and debaters. We hold a keen understanding of appellate laws and rules and are extremely adept at devising effective briefs and oral arguments.

Post-conviction Lawyers

Has your conviction been upheld upon appeal? There is no need to worry; it can be challenged through a post-conviction appeal for writ of habeas corpus. The writ application is filed in instances where an accused has been denied his/her fundamental rights. It is usually granted on such grounds as ineffective assistance of counsel, any misconduct on the part of the prosecutor, or new evidence demonstrating innocence. If you successfully move for post-conviction relief, you can:

  • Have your case reopened after a criminal prosecution
  • Have your prison sentence or fines modified
  • Set aside the verdict (“vacating”)
  • Request for a new trial
  • Appeal

The following is a list of important points on post-conviction relief:

  • The intention of post-conviction relief is not to determine your guilt or innocence of the crimes you’re charged with. It is an opportunity to rectify any constitutional violation or injustice that you may have suffered in the trial court.
  • The decision of the trial court judge is assessed; did he make legally correct rulings and would the results of the trial be different if the rulings had changed?
  • Post-conviction relief can appeal to various criminal convictions, including a new trial, release, modification of sentence, and other relief that is considered fair and just.
  • Federal and state laws govern post-conviction relief; the laws vary by state.
  • Federal post-conviction relief petitions are more limited than state level petitions. They are often opted for when the appeals process has been exhausted.

If you’ve been previously unsuccessful in obtaining relief from your conviction or sentence, post-conviction is your last effort to get that relief. Post-conviction relief is an important step that safeguards your constitutional rights. Additionally, the process is inherently complex and long-winding. That makes it very important to have an experienced and competent attorney representing you. Our post conviction lawyers have an established track-record of securing successful results for clients in post-conviction relief proceedings.

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