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Brownstone is an experienced appellate law firm. Our appeals attorneys represent clients from across the United States in civil and criminal cases before the Federal and State Courts. Connect with top appellate attorney Robert Sirianni to discuss your appeal. We have won significant victories for our clients on appeal. Our appeal lawyers handle many areas of appellate law, including white collar criminal defense, drug appeals, criminal appellate matters, fraud appeal cases, environmental appeals, business tort appeals; securities appeal cases against the SEC, and property. Our appeal attorneys have a reputation for excellence in post-trial and appellate work. Let a team of appellate lawyers represent you.

Our appellate lawyers have years of experience. We know how to prepare and present the best possible case on appeal for our appellate clients. Our main objective is to provide our appellate law firm clients with an opportunity to win at the appellate court level. We combine knowledge about the appeal process, skill in drafting appellate cases and experience to present the most effective appeals for our clients.

Brownstone appellate litigation law firm handles cases in every appellate court across the United States, including the United States Supreme Court. Our appellate lawyers look at every aspect of the case to develop a winning strategy for appeal. Our appellate team of appeals attorneys fights cases based on errors committed in the original trial or by the trial court judge. We handle criminal appeals and have handled a wide variety of criminal appellate issues.

Brownstone is an experienced criminal appellate law firm concentrating on state court criminal appeals and federal criminal appeals. Brownstone criminal appeals lawyers. We handled cases of national importance and criminal cases that set legal precedents. Led by Robert Sirianni, Jr., Brownstone criminal appeal attorneys are focused on winning the argument on appeal. Our team fights cases based on courts that abuse discretion or exceed their jurisdiction. Deadlines for filing appeals are often short. Our appeal attorneys make sure filings are done in a timely manner and that no opportunity is lost.