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When the time comes to file an appeal or defend a position on appeal, clients routinely turn to Brownstone for innovate appellate solutions and strategies that solve real world problems. The challenge can be choosing the right appellate law firm. See why more and more people and businesses are turning to Brownstone Law to deliver appellate litigation in both federal and state courts across the nation.  Connect more and lean more about Brownstone Law Firm. Our appellate attorneys and appellate attorney handle all types of civil appeals and criminal appeals. Contact our appellate lawyers for information about appeals.

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What We do

Appellate lawyers that focus on civil appeals and criminal appeals for both individuals and businesses. We can help you:

  • Represent you or your business in any type of appeal.
  • Protect your appellate rights.
  • Secure a reputable appellate law firm for presentation of all arguments
  • Present the best appellate arguments on appeal to maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome

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How we do it

We dedicate all of our time to appeals and understanding the most recent, up to date changes in law and appellate cases. Appellate lawyers that focus on civil appeals and criminal appeals for both individuals and businesses.

Our Mission is Your Success on Appeal.

We only think about appeals and winning for our clients. If you have an appeal, we have the answers. Brownstone Law is driven by appeals and focusing on results that matter.

Brownstone is appeals.

Our appellate law firm has Cutting-Edge Appeal Lawyers that believe in appellate excellence. We Are a Different Kind of Appellate Law Firm with 100% Focus On Appeals.

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What it cost

Appeals are expensive. But at Brownstone Law we aim to provide competitive pricing by offering flat fees. Most appeals are completed on a flat fee structure with the entire appellate process being designed around a flat fee payment systems that works for each client.

  • We are committed to providing competitively priced, top notched appellate legal services
  • We provide clear and upfront pricing

What Makes Us Different

We believe that our appellate law firm has strong appeals lawyers. We strive for perfection, we search for truth, and we protect the rule of law. The appeal lawyers at our law office handle hundreds of appeals in civil and criminal cases.

Our appellate law firm has experience in many areas of state or federal appeals. Our appellate law firm is different because we focus 100% of our practice on appeals. Our appeal attorneys are knowledgeable on the latest changes in the law. We believe in winning appeals for our clients.