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  • Pride, Passion, and the Pursuit of Winning the Argument on Appeal

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      Why choose Our Appellate Law Firm?

      I believe that our appellate law firm has the strong appellate advocates. We strive for perfection, we search for truth, and we protect the rule of law. The appeal lawyers at our law office handle hundreds of appeals in criminal and civil cases.

      Appellate Awards and Experience

      Our appellate law firm has experience in many areas of state or federal appeals. Our firm is different because we focus 100% of our practice on appeals. Our appeal attorneys are knowledgeable on the latest changes in the law. We believe in winning appeals for our clients.

      The Appellate Difference

      Our core philosophy is: Pride, Passion, and the Pursuit of Winning the Argument on Appeal.

      By Robert Sirianni, Jr., Founder & Managing Partner
  • Appellate Law Firm

    Appeal Lawyers

    Our appeal lawyers are dedicated to representing clients on appeal. Our appeals attorneys handle cases before federal and state courts. Our appeal lawyers handle civil and criminal appeals. We are admitted in all 12 federal appellate courts in the nation and the United States Supreme Court. Connect with our appeals attorneys today.

    Our appellate attorneys maintain a desire to win the argument on appeal. Our motto is: pride, passion, & the pursuit of winning the argument on appeal. Clients seek out our counsel to guide them through the federal appeal process. Contact our Managing Partner, Mr. Robert Sirianni to discuss your case at (855) 776–2773.

    Civil Appeals

    The appeal lawyers at our Firm handle federal appeals in civil cases. The firm represents clients before all 12 federal appellate courts on intellectual property dispute, commercial litigation, business law appeals, white collar, financial disputes, and civil law suits. Contact our appellate lawyers to discuss your civil appeal.

    Criminal Appeals

    Criminal appeals are complex. When winning matters, most contact the criminal appeal lawyers at our law firm to review your case. We have experience in representing clients across the nation before federal courts of appeal in criminal cases.

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    Cutting Edge Appeal Attorneys

    Our appellate litigation law firm understands the law and we research your case to learn the issues for appeal. The appellate attorneys at our law firm focus on the best arguments to present for each client. Appeals are complex. Finding the right firm makes all the difference. Our appeal attorneys handle both federal criminal appeals and federal civil appeals. Connect with our law firm today to discuss your appeal.

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