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Texas Appellate Law Firm

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni is dedicated and focused on appellate practice in federal courts in Texas. We look forward to joining your trial team and representing your interest on appeal.

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Our appellate lawyers in Texas are versed in all areas of appellate litigation including federal appeals and Texas state court appeals. Mr. Sirianni can represent clients in complex civil and criminal appellate cases. Our clients seek our appellate legal counsel for appeal cases, as we handle cases from

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Texas Appeals Attorney for Federal Courts

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni can walk you through the appellate process and will review your case to determine what legal options are available to you. We are always updated on newly passed legislation as well as amendments to existing laws, meaning we have the knowledge to come up with practical ideas on how to challenge a given appeal. 

The appeals lawyers at our law firm handle appeals in civil and criminal cases from Hays County, Dallas County,  Bexar County, Travis County, El Paso County, Denton County, Collin County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Brazoria, Nueces County, Tarrant County, McLennan County, Brazos County, Harris County, and Comal County.

Texas Appellate Law Firm

Hire a Criminal Appellate Law Firm for Texas Appeal

Our Texas criminal appellate law firm is able to handle federal court criminal appeals. Crimes charged by the government can be appealed against after a conviction or sentencing has been made.

federal appeal can be filed right after the trial. We represent clients on appeals for felony and misdemeanor appeals in Texas. Upon conviction in a circuit court, the defendant has the right to file an appeal in the Circuit Court of Appeal.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni handles appeals in each Circuit Court of Appeal as well as Texas post-conviction relief and habeas corpus and Texas federal appeals. The purpose of an appeal in Texas is to review decisions of the trial court or lower tribunal to determine if the legal error has occurred. Legal error is harmful if it affects the outcome of the case. 

Appeals are not trials and are not intended to give a litigant a second opportunity to re-argue the facts of his or her case. The appellate court does not serve as a second jury. Texas appellate courts will review motions for summary judgment, jury trials, bench trials, and appeals of all final and non-final orders for lower court error.

We can appear before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States and the Supreme Court of the United States.  The firm also handles appeals in Garland Texas, IrvingGrand PrairiePasadenaMcKinneyKilleen, and McAllen Texas.

Our Texas criminal appellate law firm may handle appeals at every step of a criminal defense appeals including federal criminal appeals and post-trial motions. From pretrial motions, to trial, to appeals, to the post-conviction phases of a case, our firm can handle each case with attention and focus.

Contact us if you need a Texas appellate attorney who can handle post-conviction, appellate, or habeas corpus matters such as rule 2254 or 2255. We often file motions under Motions for Ineffective Counsel.

Evidence of the trust bestowed on our law firm can be clearly seen from our expansive clientele that includes high profile citizens, renowned business moguls, and the common folks. Some of the Supreme Court motions that we can handle include but are not limited to the motion of habeas corpus, motion to vacate conviction and motion to withdraw plea.

Texas Federal Appeals Lawyers

Our unique Texas appellate group briefs appeal cases in every appeals court in the state of Texas and before all Texas Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court of Texas. We represent clients in a wide range of substantive areas in Federal Appeal cases. Our firm handles criminal, civil and administrative appeals throughout Texas.

Our Texas appellate practice team parlays seasoned analytic skills with experience to put together the best possible case for our clients in Federal Court.

Contact our federal appeals lawyers in Texas at 1-888-233-8895

Texas Federal Appellate Attorneys

At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, our lawyers will review all aspects of the case to develop a winning strategy for appeal. We have experienced federal appellate litigation attorneys who are available to help you with your appeals. Our main objective is to provide our clients with an opportunity to win at the federal appellate court level with a focus throughout Texas.

Texas Federal Criminal Appellate Litigation Law Firm

Our practice is 100% devoted to federal civil and criminal appellate matters. We prepare effective briefs and arguments before the Federal Appeals Courts. At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, our performance on appeal is a result of our steadfast commitment to finding creative solutions for our clients at the appellate level.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni handles all forms of appeals in Texas, representing clients in cases from civil to criminal crimes. Our Texas appellate attorneys are experienced in criminal federal appeals and post-conviction relief. Contact our Federal Appeals lawyers today. Appeals in Texas are governed by the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Federal appeals require talent and a dedication to winning. The appeal lawyers in Texas at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni have represented clients from across Texas.  Contact our appeals lawyers to review your case.

Appeal Lawyers in Texas for Federal Appeals

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni hires extremely experienced Texas appellate attorneys to handle all aspects of your appeal. Our team of Texas attorneys has the expertise to handle appeals involving complex civil law litigation in addition to breach of contract and business disputes. We also represent clients facing securities claims, white collar crime, and regulatory appeals. 

Texas federal appeals lawyers have extensive federal court appellate experience. Our clientele is diverse and we handle appeals in Texas pertaining to court orders, appeals after trial and interlocutory appeals.

Our Texas appellate attorneys also represent clients in Carrolton Texas Courts of Appeal, appellate courts in Frisco Texas, College Station appellate courts, Odessa appeals courts, Beaumont appellate courts of appeals, Abilene Texas, and Midland Texas appellate Courts. We are often calling upon to assist trial counsel in arguing court motions such as those for directed verdict and motions for summary judgment.

Experienced Texas Appellate Attorney for Federal

Our criminal attorneys can represent individuals in criminal appeal cases such as tax evasion, drug possession or distribution, insurance fraud, medical fraud, racketeering and financial crimes. Our appellate law firm in Texas is licensed in all of this country’s appeals courts and therefore it has the capacity to handle litigation that may require movement from one state to another.

Our Texas appellate attorneys have perfected their skills in legal research after working for several years as law clerks or prosecutors. This explains the detailed content of legal briefs and writs prepared by our firms attorneys. Read more about the criminal appeal procedure in Texas by learning about the rules of criminal law.

The Texas Courts of Appeal is a judicial system consisting of a set of fourteen appellate courts. The Courts of Appeal do not retry cases or hear testimony; rather, they rule on an appeal based on the record from the original trial or proceeding. The issues for review can range from an incorrect application of law and incorrect admissibility of evidence to insufficient evidence, and in rare cases, the ineffective assistance of trial counsel.

Contact Texas appellate attorney Robert Sirianni at (888) 233-8895.

Our attorneys file a written argument known as a brief detailing the issues, which includes challenges to the trail court findings or rulings, precedents set by previous court rulings, and applicable statutes. The opposing party then files a responsive brief. After the briefs have been filed, the case is assigned to a panel of justices. An oral argument may sometimes be scheduled, which gives both parties an opportunity to argue their positions and the appellate judges to question attorneys on the issues raised.

After reviewing the brief and oral argument, a decision is reached, and a written statement known as an opinion is then filed. In a state appeal, decisions taken by the Courts of Appeal can be subject to discretionary review by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  We also represent clients on federal criminal healthcare fraud appeals in US District Courts. In federal cases, decisions based on the U.S Constitution and federal statutes may be subject to discretionary review by the US Supreme Court.

If the appellant has lost an appeal, he/she has the chance to move up the legal chain and file for post-conviction relief. This is a long process, especially for serious felonies, but one worth pursuing to challenge guilty verdicts and rectify violations of constitutional rights. Contact a Texas criminal appeal lawyer 1-888-233-8895.

The Focus of Appeal Lawyers in Texas for Federal Appeals Includes

  • Felony Appeals
  • Misdemeanor Appeals
  • Post Conviction Relief
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Post Trial Motions
  • Supreme Court Motions
  • Vacate Conviction Motion
  • Motion to withdraw Plea
  • Complex Civil Law Litigation
Writs of Certiorari
9th Circuit Busiest Circuit Court
Petitions for Review
Douglas Paul Carter v. State of Texas (2018)
Case No. PD-1449, Appeal from Tarrant County Texas

Appellant Douglas Paul Carter was convicted of possessing one gram or more, but less than four grams, of a controlled substance, namely heroin. See Tex. Health & Safety Code Ann. §§ 481.115(a), (c); 481.102(2) (West 2010 & Supp. 2015).

After conviction and sentence, court costs were imposed including a $133 consolidated court cost. See Tex. Local Gov’t Code Ann. 102(a)(1) (West 2008 & Supp. 2015). On appeal, Appellant claimed that portions of the section 133.102 consolidated court cost relating to “law enforcement officers standards and education,” “comprehensive rehabilitation,” and “abused children’s counseling” were unconstitutional. 

Obtain a form petition for discretionary review:  Texas-Petition-for-Discretionary-Review-Form. The court of appeals rejected the claim. On December 22, 2016, Appellant filed a petition for discretionary review, asking us: Did the court of appeals err in holding that Section 133.102(a)(1) of the Texas Local Government Code by which the “consolidated court cost” was assessed is not facially unconstitutional? Read more about this criminal appeal in Texas: Texas Criminal Appeals.

State of Texas v. Craig Graham

November 4th, 2013 Case No. 08-13-00115 Robert Sirianni, Jr

In this case, the Appellant contests a criminal case in Texas. Read More about this Criminal Appeal by clicking here. Craig Graham – Texas Criminal Appeals – Murder Appeal

United States of America v. Keith Aiken

December 12th 2013 Case No. 13-50917

Mr. Aiken was charged by an indictment on January 9, 2013 with two counts of making false statements to government officials in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001(a)(2). (Doc. 1). A jury trial was held from June 24 to June 27, 2013. Ultimately, the jury found Mr. Aiken guilty of both counts. (Doc. 72). On September 20, 2013, the district court sentenced Mr. Aiken to concurrent terms of three years’ probation. (Doc. 89). Learn more about Brownstone’s criminal appeal for Keith Aiken.

Mullinax v. State of Texas

November 3, 2014; Case No. 13-50917

During cross-examination, the State questioned Mr. Mullinax regarding extraneous prior bad acts that were wholly unrelated to the charged offense. Those acts included arson and revocation of probation for consuming marijuana. The State introduced evidence that Mr. Mullinax was given a two-year prison sentence for the violation of probation. Learn more about Brownstone’s Texas criminal appeal: Texas Criminal Appeal – Mullinax . State of Texas

Theisen v. State of Texas

November 13, 2014; Case No. 04-00637

During Voir Dire, at least one juror explained she would likely become biased against Theisen if the victim’s family was particularly emotional or reacted in a certain way during trial. She explained the emotions and reactions of the family could negatively affect her ability to consider the entire range of punishment in this case.

Did the trial court abuse its discretion in denying Theisen’s motion for mistrial where the victim’s son screamed an obscenity at Theisen during the trial, told Theisen to look at what he had done, charged at Theisen and had to be escorted out of the courtroom by deputies, all in front of the jury?

Learn more about Brownstone’s Texas criminal appeal: Criminal Appeal – Theisen v. State of Texas

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