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Washington DC Habeas Corpus Lawyers

If you received ineffective legal defense or your judge inaccurately applied the law, if witnesses recanted or evidence was withheld, there may be substantial grounds for post-conviction relief. All of these issues and more can obstruct your rights to a fair trial, resulting in a wrongful conviction that negatively impacts the rest of your life. Our Washington DC post-conviction attorneys are here to help. Contact our Washington DC habeas corpus attorneys today at 1-888-233-8895 for a free consultation.

Contact our DC federal writs and post-conviction law firm today at 888-233-8895.

Criminal Post Conviction Motions in Washington DC

At Brownstone Law, we understand your constitutional right to a fair trial. This is why we examine every facet of your case to determine if the prosecutor caused misconduct or if there were any other errors along the way. If an appeal failed or was denied, a motion for post-conviction relief and habeas corpus may be your final chance at setting the record straight. Contact our Washington DC Post-Conviction Attorneys today for a free consultation. Return to our main post conviction lawyer page.

Through post-conviction relief, it’s possible to get released from prison, negotiate the sentence, or get a new trial in Washington DC. Again, the timing of post-conviction relief is of the utmost importance. Our Washington DC Post-Conviction Attorneys work quickly and effectively to motion for habeas corpus and take advantage of this windowed opportunity. If post-conviction relief and habeas corpus are successful, you could regain your freedom, rights, and reputation.  We also file appeals of criminal cases in Washington DC.

Washington DC Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys

The appeal attorneys at Brownstone focus their entire practice on federal and state court appellate litigation. We provide quality appeals in civil and criminal cases across Washington DC as most of our appeals originate there. The Washington DC federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone a

re some of the elite litigators in the nation. We are licensed in every federal court of appeal in the United States. The federal lawyers at our firm handle appeals before the DC Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court. Clients from across Washington DC seek out our firm for federal civil appeals.

In Washington DC, these motions and petitions can be filed in both state and federal courts. To learn more about how Brownstone Law can help protect your rights, contact us today at 1-888-233-8895.

DC Habeas Corpus In Washington

Experienced Washington DC Federal Crime Appeals Lawyers

Are you dissatisfied by your sentencing or the way your case was handled by the trial court? Well, you don’t need to worry because the United States Constitution gives each defendant several opportunities to appeal their conviction. Some of the remedies that you can pursue after conviction include filing for a motion for post-conviction relief, appealing directly at the circuit courts, state court habeas claims or PDR claims. After you have exhausted all these claims you still have one more chance to file for a motion of habeas corpus.

At Brownstone, we have handled so many appeal cases to the extent that we are very fast and efficient in service delivery to our clients. As a matter of fact, we prepare some of the best briefs and writs in Washington DC as well as the rest of the country. Contact our Washington DC Post-Conviction lawyers today.

Post-Conviction Attorney in Washington DC Services Include

  • Habeas Corpus Relief
  • Motion to Overturn Judgement
  • Motions to Reduce Sentence
  • Vacate a Previous Conviction
  • Federal Commutations
  • State Commutations
  • Pardons
  • Clemency
  • Motions for New Trial

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