What Are the Causes of Wrongful Conviction?

Although we have a robust judicial system that aims to protect innocent people, wrongful convictions still happen for several reasons. Some people spend more than ten years in jail and only then get exonerated later. Someone who is wrongfully convicted may go through trauma that scars them for life. What leads to wrongful convictions? If […]

Difference Between an Appeal and a Writ of Habeas Corpus

Introduction When an individual has been convicted of a crime, there is often a plan within that individual’s legal team and support network to dispute the outcome of the case. There are a couple of ways to dispute a conviction, which includes a direct appeal and a writ of habeas corpus. For individuals who are […]

What to Consider When Hiring an Appellate Attorney

After you lose a civil or criminal case in a trial court, you are entitled to appeal the judgment in the appellate court. You can use the same lawyer who presented your case in the trial court or hire an appeal lawyer. Consider that the appellate procedure is different from the trial court proceedings. It […]

3 Elements That Make a Good Appellate Brief

An appellate brief is your best chance to argue why the reviewing court should reverse or affirm a lower court’s judgment. Most appeals are decided without an oral argument. Even in instances where there is an oral argument, judges believe that briefs have been far more critical in the decision-making process. An experienced appeal lawyer […]

Understanding the Appeals Process

A judgment against you in a trial court doesn’t have to be the end of the road. An appeal can be challenged against a judgment, decree, or order before a superior court. But the appeal must pass through several steps. Here, we discuss the major steps for the appeals process. Hiring an Appellate Attorney Not […]

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