How Often Are Appeals Successful?

When a defendant is found guilty, he or she can sometimes appeal the decision in appellate court. Though an appeal is not the same as another trial, nor does it have to result in another trial, it can be pursued to point out possible errors made during the first trial. An appeal simply asks for […]

Reasons to Hire an Appellate Lawyer

An appeal is a request to a higher court to review the lower court’s decision. While you cannot add new evidence this time, an experienced appeal lawyer can analyze the judgment for trial court errors. Then they can present them in their brief. Appellate lawyers bring a fresh perspective to the case by searching the […]

Why Trial Lawyers Aren’t the Right Choice to Manage Appeals

It’s not easy to accept a judgment when you lose a case. Sometimes there are valid reasons to want to appeal the decision. When you are thinking about appealing a ruling, consider whom you will have representing you. Should you stick with your trial lawyer, or is it better to get an appellate lawyer to […]

4 Tips to Help You Win Your Criminal Appeal

Being convicted in a criminal case can cause some serious consequences in your personal and professional life. You may lose privileges, such as driving, voting rights, and much more. You will end up paying thousands of dollars in fines and go through longer prison terms if you are convicted of a more severe felony. The […]

What Is Habeas Corpus? Why Is It Important?

Any conversation about civil liberty and constitutional law is incomplete without discussing the concept of habeas corpus. This Latin term means “you have the body,” but what does it mean in terms of the law, and why is it important? Read on to know the answers to these questions and more. What Is Habeas Corpus? […]

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