6 Tips for Appellate Advocacy Especially If you’re Appellant’s Counsel

The appeal is the means by which the modification of a resolution or sentence is requested by the higher judicial organization that issued it. An appeal filed against a sentence of a Criminal Court, for it to be reviewed by the Provincial Court. The appellate attorneys use the term appeal, to refer to those appeals […]

Top Things to Know About Bankruptcy in 2019

In the current economy, most people find themselves deep in debt and fending off collection calls from lenders. If you find yourself stressed out by building debts and pending loan payments, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Generally, people deem bankruptcy to be too complex and confusing that they continue to struggle […]

10 Ways a Property Lawyer Can Help You

Whether for the artistic and literary branch or the industrial branch, choosing appeals attorneys specializing in intellectual property law is strongly recommended. What is its exact role? Under what conditions do you use his services?  A lawyer does not only have the part of the attacker or the defender to enforce the rights of his […]

How to Become an Appellate Attorney?

How to Become an Appellate Attorney?   Are you interested in studying law or are already enrolled in a law firm? Wish to become an appellate attorney? The lawyer is a defender and an independent counsel, guaranteeing respect for public and private freedoms. One becomes an appeals attorneys lawyer after at least four years of […]

10 Qualities a Professional Lawyer Should Have

Are you wondering if you have the qualifications to become an Appellate lawyer? Even though it is the liberal profession par excellence, the profession of Appellate attorneys is not devoid of rules governing its exercise. A lawyer is a person whose profession is to sue for his clients. Traditionally, his role is to defend his […]

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