How to Choose a Criminal Appeals Lawyer

A criminal conviction can have severe implications on your personal and professional life. It could mean thousands of dollars in fines, imprisonment, court fees, and even loss of a professional license. For serious offenses, you could lose voting rights, firearm privileges, and could be sentenced for a lengthy prison term. Are you looking for criminal […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Appealing a Case

If you’re not happy with the judge’s order or decision in a court trial regarding a criminal or civil case, you can, in most cases, request an appeal in an appeals court. There can be several grounds for appeal. For instance, you may appeal a case citing an error of law in prior proceedings. Such […]

The High Demand for Lawyers amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

From giving proper advice to employers on how they should respond once an employee tests positive for coronavirus to helping them counselling employees afraid of contracting it through the workplace. Top appellate lawyers work around the clock in order to help clients navigate the unexplored legal waters that are sparked by the swiftly spreading COVID-19. […]

How Has COVID-19 Affected Law Firms

The world has been reshaped by the 2019 coronavirus, and numerous industries will undergo a transformation. Once the dust settles down, the legal landscape is going to look extremely different. How Has COVID-19 Affected the Legal System At Large Coronavirus’s influence on the practice of law is felt the most inside the courtroom. There are […]

Seven Points to Consider When Selecting an Attorney

Finding an appeals attorney can be a complicated task and would require you to consider a plethora of factors before making a decision. An attorney is someone who represents you in the court of law, which is why it is imperative to make an informed decision, especially when it comes down to an appeal attorney. […]

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