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Appeal Lawyers In Washington DC

Appeal Lawyers in Washington DC

Washington DC Appeals Lawyer

The federal appeals lawyer at our firm can handle a wide range of criminal appeals such as felony appeals, drug appeals, white collar crime appeals, RICO appeals, and related federal criminal appeals. The firm provides strategic counsel to our clients. Our Washington DC appeals law firm also appeal illegal sentences, jury trials, and wrongful convictions. The federal appeal attorney at our firm focuses on collateral attacks of a sentence or plea. We handle Washington DC appeals, habeas corpus motions and motions for post-conviction relief. Contact our Washington DC appeals attorney at 1-(202) 644-9756 for a free consultation.

Our appeals attorneys represent companies, business owners, and individuals in Washington DC Federal appellate courts.

Contact our Washington DC appellate attorneys today for a free consultation today at 1-202-644-9756 for a free consultation.

Civil Appeals Attorney in Washington DC

We have handled numerous federal appeals for our clients in Washington DC including civil, commercial, business, corporate, contracts, criminal, white collar crime, and securities. Our aim is to represent businesses and individuals involved in a federal appeal. Our Washington DC appellate law firm can be called upon by our clients in the nation’s capital to handle issues involving corporate officers, government officials, professionals in prosecutions and investigation, and other major complex business issues.  Return to our main appellate law firm page.

Appeal Lawyers in Washington DC

Washington DC Appellate Law Firm

When it comes to federal criminal appeals it is important to have an attorney that understands the rules of procedure and the federal process. The appeal attorney at Brownstone is a former prosecutor that has handled many appeals. We have a track record of success. The appellate team strives for experienced representation in Washington DC. We practice in every federal court of appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court. During your first conversation with Brownstone Law, they will perform an initial consultation for free. You will find that the attorney assigned to your case has background specific to your case, experience and an excellent track record with appeals. Your attorney will write a concise and convincing brief that delivers the details of your appeal and the persuasive arguments that the judge will get an accurate perspective on the case. They will spend the time to research the case, organize the pre-trial or trial facts and uncover the process errors that caused the ruling to be unfavorable. Our Washington DC appeals lawyer looks forward to hearing from you.

Brownstone’s appeals attorney has years of experience, dedication, and oral skills to present unwavering appeals at the state, federal and supreme courts. The high percentage of civil and criminal appellate litigations that we win can be credited to the high quality and detailed content of legal briefs and writs that we normally prepare. Aside from legal representation, our attorney can offer appellate legal counsel to individuals, companies or even other law firms. In the years that we have been practicing law, we have been involved in appeal cases emanating from different sectors of the U.S. economy such as the oil industry, politics, family, manufacturing, education and telecommunication. Connect with our federal appeals lawyers in Washington DC.

After a trial, you have the right to appeal a final judgment of the lower court to the superior court. To start with, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 14 calendar days of the judgment against you. The judge in your case will advise you of the available rights you have after reading you the sentence of your case. You have to pay the fees required when you decide to appeal your case. Our appellate law firm is ready to review your case to determine what options you have available to you following an unfair conviction or sentence. We will help you reach your post-conviction goals.

Contact our Washington DC appeals lawyer at 1-(202) 644-9756 for more information. The federal appeals attorney at our firm can represent clients, including businesses and individuals, before the federal courts of appeal in Washington DC. A major portion of our work is devoted to practicing before the United States Court of Appeals- D.C. Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States. Our firm files petitions for writ of certatriori before the federal courts of appeal and we work with major law firms in Washington DC on federal appeals in civil and criminal cases, including habeas corpus petitions

News and Publications: Washngton DC Cases

Demetrius Flenory v. United States

December 4th, 2011, Case No. 11-1849, Robert Sirianni, Jr.

On October 28, 2005, Mr. Flenory was indicted for various drug charges. The indictment was superceded several times, until a final Fourth Superceding indictment was filed on December 15, 2006. Mr. Flenory maintained his innocence throughout plea negotiations, but nonetheless entered into a Rule 11 plea agreement with the United States of America on November 11, 2007. Therein, Mr. Flenory agreed to enter a guilty plea in response to Count 3, which alleged a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 848(a) and (c), and to Count 10, which alleged a Conspiracy to Launder Money Instruments, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1956(a)(1) and (h). The plea agreement provided, inter alia, that if Mr. Flenory withdrew his plea before sentencing, he would waive any protections afforded by Rule 410 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, as well as his right to direct appeal. Such waiver provision also provided that the government could use testimony and evidence elicited through the Rule 11 proceedings against Mr. Flenory “in any proceeding.” The plea agreement did not, however, contain any provision requiring that Mr. Flenory confess to the crimes alleged in the plea agreement, or supply the government with any statement or evidence to corroborate its allegations against him.

Read More about this Federal Criminal Appeal by clicking here. Demetrius Flenory v. United States – Supreme Court of United States Appeal

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