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If you are involved in a lawsuit in which decision was not rendered in your favor, you can always seek the assistance of criminal appeal lawyers and criminal appellate attorneys to represent you in the court of law to perfect your appeal. Criminal appeals, civil appeals, federal appeals– whatever the scope and kind of appeal you intend to file, you need the services of criminal appeal lawyers to back you up. In addition to this, appeals is a narrow area of court relief that only the knowledge and skills of criminal appellate attorneys possess. With this, looking for great criminal appeal lawyers is the first thing you should be considering. Contact our criminal appeals attorneys today at 1-888-233-8895 for a free consultation.

If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime or feel that justice has not been carried out in your criminal case, call the Law Office of Robert Sirianni. Our experienced criminal appeal attorneys focus on appeals and only appeals. This means that, with our criminal appeal lawyers, you can expect a level of fierce determination and commitment to your well-being that you will not find at any other law firm. From the first time you contact us, you will be able to trust us with your appellate case. No appeal is too large or too small for us to give it our full attention. Understanding the appeal process for your type of case, whether it be a criminal issue in state or federal court. We appeal cases and overturn a previous ruling or jury trial. Speak with our experienced criminal appeal attorneys and let us help you get the outcome you deserve. The Law Office of Robert Sirianni can take civil and criminal cases to the next level, representing clients in federal and state courts.

Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals are a lot more common than you may think. In this world, hardly anything is “final,” including your conviction. An experienced criminal appellate lawyer can help you take your case back to court. You may receive a completely new not-guilty verdict or have your sentence reduced. Contact our criminal appeal lawyers 1-888-233-8895.

Criminal Defense Appeals Attorneys

The criminal appeal lawyers at our firm are experienced in handling deportation appeals. This is brought by the fact that we know how it can be disheartening to a family if one of its member is to be deported by the state. Thus, deportation appeals should be pursued with vigilance. Deportation is similar in all states in the United States because the immigration laws of the country are governed by federal laws. There are various reasons why a person may be deported. One reason can be because of being an undocumented immigrant. Overstaying visa holders can also be deported. Violation of visas and committing crimes are also grounds for deportation. Our criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the several ways on how to help the clients win deportation appeals. If the client is detained by state authorities, we can post-custody on bond for the release of the client.

At the end of a trial, you can make a direct appeal to the judge to overrule the jury’s decision. But this route is risky because rarely will the judge grant such an appeal. The better and more common option is to petition your criminal conviction or sentence in a higher court.

Note that the appeal can be filed only after the trial court has passed the final judgment or order. This is to prevent delays that can arise from waiting for appeals on every ruling made by the judge.

Prospective clients always want to know whether appealing is akin to a retrial. The short answer is no; in a state or federal criminal appeal, your Brownstone criminal appeal lawyers will attack the order or judgment of the court on some legal grounds. That is, the facts presenting during the trail won’t be reopened, rather your criminal appeal attorneys will raise the legal errors arising that may have risen in the state or federal trial court in question.

You can appeal the conviction or the sentencing. For instance, if you have been convicted of securities fraud, but sentenced to a harsh prison sentence that you believe to be unreasonable, you can appeal only the prison term and let the conviction remain.

The appeals court may issue a ruling based on the written briefs or hear an oral argument. It may then either uphold the decision, modify the ruling, order a new trial and very rarely, throw out the case. While the rate of successful appeals is low, grounds involving a denial of constitutional rights are almost always overturned by appellate courts. Call us to discuss your appeal 1-888-233-8895.

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