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Our practice is devoted entirely to civil and criminal appellate matters in both Florida courts of appeals and federal courts. We take on the most complex and challenging appeals in Florida and before Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. Led by Robert Sirianni, Jr., Brownstone appeals attorneys in Florida are focused on winning the argument on appeal. Our Hialeah Florida appeal attorneys will handle any type of appeal, including criminal appeals, writs, petitions, complex business appeals, business torts, white collar crime, securities, and constitutional claims. Our Florida appellate team fights cases based on errors committed in the original trial, decisions unsupported by evidence, and courts that abuse discretion or exceed their jurisdiction. Let the appeals attorneys in Hialeah Florida take on your case. Brownstone explores every avenue to craft a winning strategy for your appeal.

Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Hialeah Florida

When clients face criminal charges, it is the job of a Hialeah criminal appeals lawyer to defend them on appeal. The Florida appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law focus on criminal and civil appeals throughout the state and the nation, and will ensure all issues are attacked on appeal. These issues may include:

  • Motion for a new trial
  • Motion for acquittal
  • Motion to dismiss
  • Motion to suppress
  • Jury instruction appeals
  • Evidentiary violations
  • Speedy trial violations & much more.

During any pre-trial or trial case, court procedures can get implemented incorrectly. An unfavorable ruling is not what you want. You have the right to have the case procedures reviewed before the Appeals Court judge. Whether the case is civil, business, family, drug related, medicinal, white collar or any other type case, there are times when serious mistakes are made on how the law is applied to your case. A Florida appeals lawyer will uncover these errors and bring them before the court. If the judge rules that the errors occurred your ruling will be overturned. Contact our appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Florida Criminal Appeals Lawyers in Hialeah

In Florida before the jury verdict is passed, a defendant does not have the right to file an appeal against any pre-trial orders or orders made by the trial judge. For example, motions to suppress and motions to dismiss must be appealed after a case is over, after a plea, or following a jury trial. These orders may be appealed in the State of Florida. Orders suppressing evidence, orders dismissing charges before trial, orders on motions to dismiss, finding of incompetency or insanity, discharge under speedy trial rule, discharge under habeas corpus, judgment of acquittal, cross appeals, arrest of judgment, downward departures and restitution orders, may all be appealed after a plea or trial. We also handle 3.850 motions based on ineffective counsel.

The defendant must state on the record that they desire and appeal and the grounds for appeal, which means they reserve their right to appeal. The State of Florida has the authority to order a new trial or overturn the original judgment after the trial has ended if necessary. If you believe that you received an unfair conviction or unfavorable sentence, the Florida appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law are ready to review the details of your case in order to fight for your rights to justice. Our experienced attorneys also handle cases in the following cities throughout the state of Florida: Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Pembroke Pines, Palm Beach, Gainesville, and Boca Raton.

Whether you are facing any of these criminal charges or the charges have been brought against you, qualified Florida criminal attorneys can assist with a wide range of tasks. First, they can assist to cope with the difficult circumstances by giving the best advice and legal solutions. White collar attorneys can help come up with a strong defensive strategy that increases your chances of winning the case. In other situations, white collar crime attorneys can even resolve the case before it is presented for trial in a court house. If possible, the appeals attorney may look for alternatives to serving time in prison. In extreme cases, a plea agreement may be adopted, where you have to plead guilty for a lesser charge so that the serious charges will be dropped.

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Hialeah Appeal Attorney

Quite often, innocent people are punished for crimes they had nothing to do with. This can happen due to a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes the jury may be prejudiced or the judges may overlook evidences. Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution gives every citizen a right to fight any decision made by a court through the process of appeals.

However, filing appeals, whether civil, criminal, or federal habeas corpus writ, can be quite a troublesome task. Nevertheless, if you have an experienced appeals attorney from a reputed appellate law firm on your side, your chances of walking away free or with minimum punishment is highly possible.

This is exactly what Brownstone Law can offer you. We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable appeals attorneys in Hialeah. Our appeals attorneys have handled a wide range of cases over a significantly long span of time. This has made them experts as far as appellate law is concerned. Appeals in Hialeah Florida proceed to the Appellate Courts in Hialeah Florida.

They can take up your case and make sure you get the justice that you rightfuly deserve. Some of the appeals handled by Brownstone’s appellate lawyers include motions for acquittal, motion to dismiss, motion for a new trial, speedy trial motions, evidentiary violations, jury instruction appeals and more.

It does not matter what charges you are facing. Brownstone’s appeal attorneys will pay special attention to your case. They will conduct a detailed research of the facts involved to make sure your appeal has the highest chance of winning at the appellate courts. They will also provide you with valuable legal advices as well. At the end of it all, our appeal lawyers can guarantee you the best legal outcome possible.

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