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A criminal case does not conclude after a conviction. A lot of things happen after the conclusion of a criminal case. After a criminal case concludes, there is sentencing, conviction and other legal issues that one can appeal before the final decision is made. In some scenarios, a case can be altered on appeal such that a new trial is needed before it can be resolved.  Return to our appellate law firm in Texas page. Appeals differ from trials since they dive into legal topics that can break or make the case. It is advisable that you hire qualified Grand Prairie Texas appeals lawyers for you to have a positive impact on the case. Sometimes the outcomes of your criminal trial may go against your expectations. You should talk to a reputable criminal appeal lawyer in Grand Prairie to learn about your legal options.

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Criminal Appeals Attorney in Grand Prairie Texas

You should choose a professional and experienced criminal appeals attorney for you to have a chance. Here are things to look for in an appeals lawyer.

  • Experience: You should check the attorney’s credentials and experience. Ensure that the lawyer has represented clients with similar charges in the past. Check the lawyer’s education, specialities, and training. An experienced appeals attorney knows how to navigate complex processes and can be able to present a strong case.
  • Confidence: You should hire a lawyer who is very confident in presenting facts to the jurors. Hire an appeals lawyer who can aggressively fight for you in the courtroom. Make sure that the lawyer is not arrogant.
  • Track Record: As you go through the experience of an appeals attorney, you must check his/her track record. Go for a lawyer who has successfully appealed many criminal cases for you to have a chance. Check the outcomes of his/her previous cases and also talk to past clients.
  • Communication: You may not understand the law because it’s very complex. However, your lawyer should be able to explain everything in a concise and clear way. A good appeals attorney ensures that you understand all your options and rights for you to make the right decisions.
Appellate Lawyer in Grand Prairie Texas

Appellate Law Firm in Grand Prairie Texas

During a trial, the court focuses on the evidence presented by the two sides and to ascertain the events that happened prior, during and after the crime. The jury can only make a conviction once the facts are examined.

Appeals review how the law was applied by the court. They focus on whether a legal mistake or error was made in the case. Note that appeals still rely on the facts of the case. All the evidence should be presented before an appeal hearing.

This means that you can’t add any new evidence. Also, you are not allowed to call witnesses during an appeal. This is because witness testimony can bring in more details and new evidence of what happened. Lawyers are only allowed to use the evidence that had been provided during trials.

Should you hire a Different a Lawyer for your Appeal?

People usually develop good chemistry with their defense attorney after a trial. It makes them want their trial lawyers to handle their appeal cases.

Sticking to your trial attorney is not a bad thing if you are confident that he/she will fight for you to the end. However, getting a different attorney for your appeal case can also be a smart move. Here are the reasons why you should hire an appellate attorney.

  • Gives the case a fresh perspective: Appellate lawyers can give the case a fresh perspective because it’s new to them. An Appellate attorney can spot various things that may have been overlooked by the trial lawyer. They may also spot issues that allow the ruling to be appealed.
  • Most trial attorneys specialize in trial cases: Many trial attorneys don’t present federal appeal cases regularly. You should, therefore, find a lawyer who specializes in appeal cases to increase your chances of winning the case. An appellate lawyer also knows how to find the reasons for the result to be appealed. They also know how to present the facts during arguments that can persuade the judges to appeal the case.
  • They understand the judge perspective: Appellate judges familiarize themselves with the case by reading briefs and bench memos. Trial judges on the hand witness the entire development of the case and the evidence at hand. Appellate lawyers know what judges consider when deciding on whether to accept or deny an appeal. An appellate attorney will know what to avoid since some cases set bad preferences.
  • Appellate lawyers are familiar with the process: Trial lawyers are familiar with appeal cases but lack the required experience to appeal a criminal case. Appellate attorneys are specialists when it comes to the appeal process. They know how and when to appeal a process and also how to build a case.
  • Appellate Lawyers have excellent research and writing skills: Appeal cases require extensive legal research and involve a lot of writing. Appellate attorneys are accustomed to doing in-depth research and writing very long briefs. Effective research and writing skills are important since finding and using the right precedent effectively can be the difference between losing and winning.
  • Lawyers usually specialize in either trial or appeal cases in order to serve their clients well. If your case goes past the trial court, it is advisable that you hire a new lawyer who specializes in the appeal process.


There is a big difference between appellate and trial practice. You should, therefore, hire a different attorney to handle your appeal or Texas post conviction writs.  Also, an appeal requires the appellate lawyer to present legal and intellectual arguments before a panel of judges based on the records created during the trial. A trial, on the other hand, is generally oral and requires the attorney to articulate issues. Appeals rely on written arguments since the oral argument is usually limited or even denied. An appellate attorney should be a clear thinker an excellent writer.

Criminal appeals attorneys in Grand Prairie will help you fight for your rights effectively. Talk to an experienced appeals lawyers in Texas if you are not satisfied by the result of your trial.