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Appeals Attorneys In San Antonio

San Antonio Appeal Lawyers

At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, our appeal lawyers focus on appellate law. We know that the work of an appeals lawyer is different from that of a trial lawyer. Our Texas appeal attorneys have extensive experience preparing appellate briefs and assembling convincing legal arguments for presentation in Texas state and federal appeals courts.

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We are armed with all the skills that make a successful appeal lawyer in San Antonio Texas: strong legal research and writing skills and flawless oral argumentation that is both brief and thorough, addressing the facts of the case with incisive analysis in your favor. Appeals from San Antonio proceed from Bexar County Courts of Appeals and proceed to the Texas Appellate Courts.

Robert Sirianni is our lead appellate lawyer in Texas.    He has handle cases all over Texas and before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The entirety of our practice is devoted to appeals law and this sets us apart from other firms. We have argued hundreds of cases in both San Antonio Texas and federal appeals courts, and we can help you.

Criminal Appellate Law Firm San Antonio

When it comes to criminal appeals in San Antonio Texas, our lawyers work to achieve sentencing reductions, reduced parole requirements, and total overturning of criminal convictions. Criminal appeals may involve turning to district courts with writs of Texas habeas corpus and post conviction relief, mandamus, certiorari, or prohibition. Our appeal attorneys in Texas can manage appeals in all of Texas’s District Courts of Appeal.

Our San Antonio appeals attorneys are experienced in criminal appeals law and are are available to help today. While you cannot appeal pre-trial orders, it is possible to appeal orders suppressing evidence, findings of incompetency, restitution orders, or arrests of judgment in San Antonio Texas.

San Antonio Appeal Lawyers

Appeals Attorneys in San Antonio Texas

Our firm can both defend and prosecute in areas including environmental law, business law, intellectual property disputes, healthcare law, product liability, and antitrust law, as well as many other civil fields. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable appellate attorneys. Our staff lawyers are former prominent prosecutors, law clerks, and other top professionals in the field. Let us help you navigate the appeals process. Our philosophy is legal practice fueled by pride, passion, and the pursuit of winning the case on appeal.

Appellate Attorneys San Antonio TX

At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, our appeals lawyers have years of experience in all types of civil and criminal appellate litigation at the supreme, federal and state courts. Some of them are former prosecutors, members of the order of coif and law clerks. Our law firm is led by appellate lawyer Robert Sirianni; contact Mr. Sirianni about your case. With such a kind of workforce we can handle any type of appeal relating to any sector of this country’s economy. Some of our clients may include famous business moguls, large corporations, financial institutions and even charitable organizations. In the US, it is generally accepted that appeal litigation are more complex than trial court litigation. That’s why our San Antonio appeal lawyers spend all their resources and time in legal research and hence coming up with the best writs and briefs.

Texas has several courthouses in Bexar County:


The appeals attorneys at our firm are highly regarded in the state of Texas as well as all the other states of this country. This explains why there are so many defendants that we are currently representing and also several others inquiring about us on a daily basis. In the field of appellate law, there are several factors that determine the outcome of a given appeal or petition. For instance, the appellate attorney’s communication and oral skills will have a very huge impact on the results. We have lawyers who are highly skilled in verbal communication and can therefore easily convince the appellate judges. Our appeal lawyers also have a deep understanding of all the laws in the state of Texas and therefore they can handle any type of appeal litigation.

Our Texas appellate attorneys can also practice in Laredo, Waco, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, Arlington, Brownsville, Lubbock, Amarillo and Plano.

Contact our appeals lawyers for Texas at (210) 255-3061.

Appeal Attorneys San Antonio Texas

Did you know that the United States courts of appeals (also known as circuit courts) are amongst the most influential and powerful courts in the nation. With the Supreme Court reviewing fewer than one percent of the 10,000 (and more) cases filed annually, these courts of appeals are essentially, the final arbitrator on a majority of federal cases.

Why should this information matter to you? Because it stresses the critical importance of choosing the right lawyer for your appeals processes. The majority of Americans continue to use the terms “appeals lawyer” and “criminal lawyer” interchangeably where in fact, they are not one and the same.

At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, which is a specialist appellate litigation law firm, we provide you experienced appeal lawyers. They have the knowledge, the training, and the practical know-hows of preparing conducive appellate briefs, assembling strong and convincing arguments; and ultimately, winning the appeal for you in Texas State or other federal appeals courts.

Texas Appellate Law Firm San Antonio

For two simple reasons – 1) we are capable, and 2) we care. The appeal attorneys at the law office of Robert Sirianni are experienced lawyers who have mastered the art and science of strong legal research, clever, targeted writings skills, powerful, completely flawless oral argumentation, keen addressing and analyzing of facts and so on.

They are professionals with distinguished experience as former prominent prosecutors, top defenders and other noted dignitaries from the law field. Appeals law is our strongest point because it is our sole focus.  Connect with our criminal appeals lawyers in San Antonio Texas to review your case. And this makes our firm a better choice than other firms with a more generalized law offering. But that’s not the only reason to choose us.  The appeals in San Antonio proceed through the Texas Appellate Courts.

Choose us because we care about getting results for you. Choose us because you are never just another client for us but our only priority. Our appeal attorneys in San Antonio Texas can defend or prosecute in an array of law fields including business law, healthcare law, environmental law, intellectual property disputes, product liability law, antitrust law and civil laws to name a few. They can overturn criminal convictions, reduce sentences and/or parole requirements, appeal orders, findings, arrests and more based on legal technicalities and get you free sooner than anyone else can.

Contact our appeals attorneys in San Antonio to discuss your case at (210) 255-3061.

Are you a resident of San Antonio Texas, who could use the knowledge, help, and stature of the best, most experienced appeal attorneys in state? Your search ends here! Get in touch with us at (210) 255-3061 and get a free consultation as well!

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City of Fort Worth v. Texas CD Amusements. Case No. 18-1231.

The issue in this case is whether (and if so, to what extent) a state statute that regulates “coin-operated machines” preempts city ordinances that regulate “eight-liners” and the “game rooms” that offer them. We cannot reach that issue today, however, because the answer depends initially on whether the eight-liners at issue are constitutional and legal. The court of appeals did not address the constitutionality or legality of the eight-liners because it believed the question is irrelevant to the preemption issue. Because we disagree, we reverse the court of appeals’ judgment and remand the case to that court so that it can decide in the first instance whether the eight-liners are constitutional and legal.  Read about this appeal from San Antonio: San Antonio Texas Civil Appeal