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Global Study Yields Surprising Results in Light of Legalization of Cannabis

The controversy surrounding legalization of marijuana isn’t likely to die down anytime soon. As a criminal appeals attorney explains, a new study shows interesting results regarding the use of marijuana and the perception about the risks of smoking it.

Who Leads the New Study
As a criminal appeals attorney explains, the United Nations has released the results of a news study concerning the use and perception of risks surrounding marijuana. Marijuana usage appears to be on the rise as states in the U.S. and other countries move toward legalization.The report suggests that attitudes toward the drug are having a major impact on this trend.

Recent Legalization Laws
The report cites new legalization laws in Washington state and Colorado as well as in Uruguay. The study shows increased usage, but also that people’s perception of the risks of using marijuana has decreased. In other words, the less risk people see in using the drug, the higher the incidents of usage will be. Legalization laws in the U.S. allow use of the drug, but federal law still prohibits the sale of it.

Medicinal Use
The study also cites an increase in people seeking medicinal treatment of marijuana for a variety of different disorders such as glaucoma, seizures and cancer-related treatment. Of concern to the U.N. researchers are the increases seen in other types of drugs such as heroine. The report states that around 200,000 people die each year from illicit drug use.

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