What is an Appellate Lawyer?

What Does an Appeal Lawyer Do and What is an Appellate Lawyer?   Appeal lawyers take cases from lower trial courts, such as criminal courts or civil courts, and appeal or challenge those cases in higher courts such as a Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.   Appeals take place in both state courts and federal […]

Pennsylvania death penalty appeals

Pausing the Penalty in Pennsylvania Appeals The United States of America remains one of the few remaining countries to institute the death penalty as a form of punishment for criminal wrongdoing. There are 19 states within the country that have outlawed the death penalty altogether and 31 that support the death penalty. While some among the […]

Frank Carson Lawyer Accused of Conspiracy in California

A Conspiracy in California: Frank Carson Attorney in California A rather unusual series of criminal charges have come to light over the past few months in Modesto. Criminal allegations against none other than a criminal defense attorney coupled with charges of conspiracy are setting the stage for an even more unusual trial. Bizarre twists have popped […]

U.S. Supreme Court Deals Harsh Blow to Big Tobacco in Florida Lawsuits

Litigation by individual smokers and tobacco companies has been winding its way through the Florida courts for more than two decades. As a Florida federal appeals attorney explains, the U.S. Supreme Court has just weighed in with a decision that could cost tobacco companies tens of millions of dollars. The Procedural History of the Case In the early […]

Court of Appeals Rules that DuPont Acted in Bad Faith but Did Not Engage in Fraud

E.I du Pont de Nemours & Co. (DuPont), an American chemical company that makes genetically modified crops, recently settled a lawsuit with Monsanto Company (Monsanto), a competitor in the same market. In 1992, Monsanto secured a patent on a genetically engineered trait named Roundup Ready that makes soybean plants immune to a specific herbicide called […]

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