The Criminal Justice System with Appellate Lawyers in Dallas

The conviction in a criminal offense is most of the time thought of as the end of the road but with an experienced appellate lawyer you can even get the decision reversed in your favor. Different states have different laws for different cases. Criminal offenses in different states involve different procedures of court trials. One […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Appealing a Case

If you’re not happy with the judge’s order or decision in a court trial regarding a criminal or civil case, you can, in most cases, request an appeal in an appeals court. There can be several grounds for appeal. For instance, you may appeal a case citing an error of law in prior proceedings. Such […]

Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of Emily Usnick

Emily Usnick Conviction An appeal court overturned a conviction of a woman accused of involuntary manslaughter of her baby. Emily Usnick, a forty-three years old woman from central Missouri, gave birth alone at home alone and did not seek medical attention before her baby who she named Hannah died. Central Missouri Woman Emily Usnick Convicted […]

What is an Appellate Lawyer?

What Does an Appeal Lawyer Do and What is an Appellate Lawyer? Appeal lawyers take cases from lower trial courts, such as criminal courts or civil courts, and appeal or challenge those cases in higher courts such as a Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.   Appeals take place in both state courts and federal courts. […]

Pennsylvania death penalty appeals

Pausing the Penalty in Pennsylvania Appeals The United States of America remains one of the few remaining countries to institute the death penalty as a form of punishment for criminal wrongdoing. There are 19 states within the country that have outlawed the death penalty altogether and 31 that support the death penalty. While some among the […]

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