Federal Appeals Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Appellate Process for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals A federal criminal conviction in the federal courts of Pennsylvania is a daunting judgment. The life and freedom of the convicted will change drastically. A person convicted of a federal criminal act will face challenges unknown to them prior to conviction and lose even the […]

Social Media Evidence Admitted into Court for Appeal

A Social Media Appeal: Admission of Social Media Post As Evidence Since its inception social media has created quite a conundrum in courtrooms across the country. Interactions between people involved in a legal proceeding are governed, as other aspects are, by the rules of evidence. These rules, while often ambiguous and open to interpretation, set […]

Qu’eed Batts and the case of Clarence Edwards

Qu’eed Batts and the case of Clarence Edwards In the United States criminal justice system we differentiate between crimes that only require an act and crimes that require intent. Colloquially, we often refer to crimes requiring only intent as “statutory” crimes; by way of example, no mindset is required to prove that someone is guilty […]

Frank Carson Lawyer Accused of Conspiracy in California

A Conspiracy in California: Frank Carson Attorney in California A rather unusual series of criminal charges have come to light over the past few months in Modesto. Criminal allegations against none other than a criminal defense attorney coupled with charges of conspiracy are setting the stage for an even more unusual trial. Bizarre twists have popped […]

Lakisha Ward-Green Case in Pittsburgh: 16 year old Robert Chambers IV

Lakisha Ward-Green Case in Pittsburgh Guilty of Manslaughter There is little doubt that technology has heavily influenced our lives. Over the past few decades our day-to-day activities have become so infiltrated by technological advancements that we rarely even notice such influences. The term “key” used to consistently apply to a small metal piece with teeth […]

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