Eric Longmire Petitions United State Supreme Court in Case With Warshaw Berstein Whether the State Appellate Division wrongfully denied Petitioner’s Motion for Leave to Appeal when sua sponte and without notice to Petitioner, and without providing him an opportunity to respond, it determined that Petitioner failed to establish a prima facie case of employment discrimination […]

Kathleen Kane Pennsylvania Attorney General Investigation of Prosecutors

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Investigation Prosecuting a Prosecutor Just about everyone in the United States has seen the statue of Lady Justice. She adorns the entrances of millions of courthouses and is the embodiment of our ideals of justice. Lady Justice holds balanced scales and wears a blindfold across her eyes. The purpose of […]

Brevard Judge Accused of Punching Public Defender

When Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock entered the courtroom yesterday, he may have been prepared to exchange some verbal blows if needed with Judge John Murphy, but probably not the physical kind. In a showdown not exactly sanctioned by the State of Florida, and one that both had probably dreamed of at some point in […]

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