Attorney Bruce Anderson Sues Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez: Appeal to Fifth Circuit

Attorney Bruce Anderson Sues Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez An Appeal to the First Amendment When someone is accused of criminal conduct the Constitution guarantees that the accused is entitled to the protection of an attorney. In fact, arresting officers are required to inform the accused of their right to an attorney. Colloquially we refer to […]

Han Tak Lee South Korean Appeal Case

Han Tak Lee: A Winning Appeal If one were to judge the justice system based on cinema or television two conclusions could be drawn rather quickly. First, the mysteries can always be solved through the work of passionate law enforcement agents. Second, the advanced technology available to law enforcement means that definite answers are always […]

Uber Complaint for Taxi Fees

Uber Gets Sued By Prosecutor for Background Checks Ubering Around The ride-share company known as Uber has turned itself into a multi-million dollar enterprise almost overnight. Not more than five years ago “hailing a cab” had nothing to do with your cell phone. Today app-based ride ordering is an everyday practice all around the world. […]

Does Sex Sell?

Ask anyone in the marketing industry whether sex sells and the answer is almost always a resounding yes.  Ask someone in law enforcement, however, and the answer quickly becomes the opposite. In the United States there is an outright prohibition on the sale or solicitation of sex. As with all outright prohibitions, there is one […]

Speech or Spite: The Confederate Flag Controversy

The State of Texas has a lengthy history of an interest in secession. In fact, not long after the Confederacy was formed the state actually booted governor Sam Houston out of office in 1861 just to ensure that they could join the Confederacy. Of course that wasn’t the first time Texas was opposed to being […]

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