4 Tips to Help You Win Your Criminal Appeal

Being convicted in a criminal case can cause some serious consequences in your personal and professional life. There are a number of privileges you might lose, including your right to drive and to vote. The punishment for a more serious felony will be thousands of dollars in fines and a longer prison term. The good […]

Court of Appeals Rules that DuPont Acted in Bad Faith but Did Not Engage in Fraud

E.I du Pont de Nemours & Co. (DuPont), an American chemical company that makes genetically modified crops, recently settled a lawsuit with Monsanto Company (Monsanto), a competitor in the same market. In 1992, Monsanto secured a patent on a genetically engineered trait named Roundup Ready that makes soybean plants immune to a specific herbicide called […]

Lawyers for O.J. Simpson File Latest Appeal to Overturn 2007 Robbery Conviction

Since his 2007 conviction for armed robbery and related charges, O.J. Simpson has filed several unsuccessful appeals. As a criminal appeals lawyer explains, his latest bid to the Nevada Supreme Court has just been filed on his behalf. The Case History Surrounding O.J. Simpson’s Robbery Conviction In perhaps the most famous murder trial in American history, […]

Defendant Appeals 2013 Conviction of 1950s Murder

An appeal was recently filed in the murder case involving victim Maria Ridulph. John Daniel McCollough was convicted in 2012 of the 1957 slaying, making it one of the oldest cold cases ever prosecuted. An Illinois appeals attorney can explain the basic facts and basis for the appeal. The Basic Facts of the Case In […]

Convicted Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky Loses Latest Appeal

A Pennsylvania appellate court has denied former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky’s latest appeal. Sandusky was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault and related charges in 2012 in a case that resulted in the ousting of legendary football coach, Joe Paterno. A Pennsylvania Criminal Appeals Attorney Reviews the Facts of the Case Former Penn State assistant […]

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