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Criminal Post Conviction Motions In Tallahassee

Tallahassee Post-Conviction Attorneys

Compared to other forms of litigation, criminal appeals differ in the fact that there is no discovery, and that the appellate record is limited to what has already presented to the trial court. An appeal is presented to a multi-judge appellate panel and is decided almost entirely on the written briefs, including those from amici curiae groups. When you need to present an appeal, you need the experience and knowledge of the Tallahassee post-conviction lawyers at Brownstone. When you’re ready to begin your appeal, it’s important to contact us at (850) 523-4535 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Contact our Florida criminal appeals attorneys and post conviction lawyers in Tallahassee Florida.

We currently handle: criminal appeals, Florida Supreme Court criminal appeals, habeas corpus, motions for post conviction relief in Tallahassee, Florida.

When our clients face criminal charges, we defend them on appeal. We make sure that all issues are attacked on appeal including:


Tallahassee Criminal Post Conviction Attorneys

Appellate law deals mainly with what judgments are appealable, how appeals are brought before the court, what will be required for a reversal of the lower court (e.g., a showing of “abuse of discretion,” “clear error,” etc.), and what procedures each party must follow. Appellate law also involves such issues as posting and challenging appellate bonds, writs of habeas corpus (Habeas Corpus Act), writs of execution, writs of restitution, writs of quo warranto, writs of procedendo, writs of supersedas, writs of prohibition, writs of mandate, writs of administrative mandamus, writs of certiorari, and other forms of discretionary relief, pursuit of further relief on remand, post-verdict motions and other issues. Return to our main page: Florida post conviction lawyers.

Our attorneys respond with a strategic approach to defending each case on appeal. When you want to file an appeal, it’s important to hire an attorney that focuses on appellate litigation in order to receive the best chances for a winning appeal. Contact our Tallahassee post-conviction lawyers at (850) 523-4535 today to schedule a consultation.

In short, when you need to present an appeal, you need the experience and knowledge of the Tallahassee post-conviction lawyers at Brownstone. When you’re ready to begin your appeal, it’s important to contact us at (850) 523-4535 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Criminal Post Conviction Motions In Tallahassee

Federal Post Conviction Motions for Tallahassee Florida

Criminal Post- Conviction relief is different from appeals in that the motion is made after you have already been convicted or the sentence has been announced. These motions can be backed by different grounds, including ineffective representation by your counsel, emergence of new evidence that was not previously available, illegality of sentence and more. Since most Tallahassee courts are highly reluctant to overturn or mitigate previous judgments based on appeal or post- conviction relief motions, it is up to you, the defendant, to present an complete case that clearly indicates that injustice has been done to you.

At Brownstone Law, we have the team of highly qualified, experienced post- conviction relief attorneys who can maximize your chances of winning the motion. We have successfully handled similar cases for several clients and our expertise lies in:

Criminal Appeals in Tallahassee

Regardless of your circumstances, the Florida criminal appeals lawyers at Brownstone may help you through the process of appeals. As you appeal your criminal decision, one of our criminal appeals lawyers will more than likely file a legal explanation (a brief) in support of the Florida appeal. This brief is going to seek to show that the determination was based upon an improper application of criminal law. If during a later time you have additional or new proof, you have the ability to file a motion to re-open. Get in touch with one of our Florida criminal appeal attorneys in regard to your appeal today.

Maybe you unintentionally offered details which were inaccurate, and you now have been given a charge of criminal fraud, or you’ve been denied your permanent residence status or visa. An appeal might offer a more fair result. Contact our Tallahassee post-conviction lawyers at (850) 523-4535.

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