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Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers in Oregon

Oregon Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys

Though the judicial system is gravitating towards absolute justice; such a state is still elusive. Habeas corpus is an essential instrument of protecting individual freedom against whimsical and anarchic state actions, and is another chance for the courts to correct any miscarriages in justice. Petition for habeas corpus is usually filed by a prisoner or a lawyer (or habeas lawyers) acting on behalf of an inmate seeking release from detention. Once the petition for habeas corpus is filed , the court may issue a habeas corpus writ, which is a judicial order directed at a prison official and mandating that the inmate concerned be taken to court for a determination on whether the individual was lawfully imprisoned or not, and whether the individual should be set free from custody or not.  Our federal criminal defense attorneys in Oregon handle writs in Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Gresham.

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Oregon Federal Criminal Attorneys

While making the habeas corpus petition, the individual objecting to the imprisonment or detention has to give evidence that the court that ordered the imprisonment or detention made a factual or legal error. Often, either habeas lawyers or persons under prison sentences file the petition, but in circumstances of family law, parents who have been denied custody of their children by trial courts can file habeas corpus petitions. It usually is wise to have habeas corpus lawyers make the petition because in certain cases a detainee will be held incommunicado. When Oregon Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys file petitions after they have been declared or threatened to be jailed for contempt of court, they are invoking habeas corpus. In short, these petitions are often appeals intended at re-litigating trials. Our Oregon federal post-conviction attorneys will handle your federal criminal appeal or criminal post-conviction. Connect with our federal criminal defense lawyers in Portland Oregon at (503) 894-7371.

Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers in Oregon

Oregon Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions

The uses of habeas corpus have become numerous with advances in law and civilization. For instance, a form of habeas corpus, a motion of post-conviction, is applied in criminal cases even in circumstances where the judgment of the jury and judge is final. It is applied to individuals under police custody but has not been charged with any crimes. It is applied to individuals awaiting their trial but has failed to make adequate bail. Even death row prisoners in Oregon can challenge their death sentence through habeas corpus appeals. The writ also applies to those who have been kept in custody way past the end of their legitimate sentence; and individuals who are held due to their mental condition.  Read more about the federal criminal docket using Pacer docket system.

Though a precious way to protect individual freedoms, habeas corpus appeals have huge limitations. They are usually procedural remedies that have no definite guarantee on protection of human rights, like the right to a fair trial. For instance, if there is an imposition like an incarceration without trial that is permitted by law, the habeas corpus, which is only effective against detention forbidden by law, is no remedy. The law permits it so it is right! Moreover, habeas corpus writs apply equally for all facts or circumstances, criminal or civil. Contact our Oregon federal post-conviction attorneys today at (503) 894-7371!