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The Illinois appellate attorneys at our firm cover a diverse area of federal and state appeals. We handle complex commercial and business appeals from Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin and Cicero and our Illinois appeal attorneys at Brownstone focus their entire practice on federal and state court appellate litigation. Set up your consultation with us by calling (855) 776-2773 today.

Our team of appellate lawyers in Illinois, is composed of the best lawyers in the field with unsurpassed qualifications in terms of handling civil, criminal and post-conviction appeals. Throughout the years of representing and winning appeals cases, they have earned the reputation of being the best appellate law firm based on the positive feedback from their valued clients. All relevant interests and issues were presented, defended and argued for the overturning of the lower court decision or in obtaining the best post-conviction relief.

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Appellate Litigation Attorneys in Illinois

Our Illinois appeal attorneys are licensed in every federal court of appeal in the United States. The federal lawyers at our firm handle appeals before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States and U.S. Supreme Court. Clients from across Illinois seek out our firm for federal civil appeals.

Illinois appeal attorneys

Pleading guilty or no contest does not mean you do not have a chance to file a federal appeal. Appeals in Chicago, Illinois may be allowed for orders suppressing evidence, orders dismissing charges before trial, orders on motions to dismiss, finding of incompetency or insanity, discharge under speedy trial rule, discharge under habeas corpus, judgment of acquittal, cross appeals, arrest of judgment, downward departures and restitution orders. Even after a trial, the state and prosecutor can appeal federal orders granting a new trial or a judgment of acquittal after a guilty verdict.

Brownstone Appeal Lawyers in Illinois

The firm shares a unique commitment to federal appellate litigation. Clients from across the nation seek the counsel of our firm to argue important cases in federal court. We argue precedent-setting cases; cases that matter; case where our clients need to obtain results. Our Illinois appeal attorneys have distinguished themselves as elite litigators. We have former law clerks, former prosecutors, and members of the Order of Coif that have handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals. The lawyers in our firm also handle federal appeals in Chicago

Controlled Substances Act in Illinois

At Brownstone Law, we have an in-depth scope of comprehension of the controlled substances act. We also know everything about the medical marijuana program act. This means that we can represent individuals and also companies in appeal cases involving the practice of medicine and acquisition and distribution of drugs. Some of the medical related appeal cases that we have so far handled include improper solicitation of patients, negligence in the practice of medicine, inappropriate contact with patients, internet pharmacy violations, over-billing and healthcare fraud.

Our Illinois appeal attorneys represent clients in all civil and criminal appeals, as well as post-conviction appeals in the court of appeals, court of criminal appeals and the Supreme Court. They are well-versed in the Illinois criminal code, Illinois rules of criminal procedure, and the Illinois rule of civil procedure. They understood that there are two types of appeal under the Illinois law and that filing an appeal must be made within the prescribed period. In filing an appeal, the expertise of the legal minds from Brownstone must be sought to help you prepare your issues and arguments. Our appellate lawyers are outstanding in preparing their appeal briefs and pleadings and in advancing the issues of the case which are necessary to overturn the decision of the lower court. Every details matter to our legal team.

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