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Our firm handles both civil and criminal appeals in the Chicago metro area. The process of filing petitions at the Chicago Supreme Court and the Illinois Courts of Appeal is quite complex and challenging. As a matter of fact, tight deadlines have to be met for a given appeal to be admissible. This means that the defendant must seek the services of experienced Chicago Supreme Court appeal lawyers in order to maximize the probability of winning the appeal. Our team of legal attorneys at Brownstone Law is highly skilled in the rules of appellate procedure and the appellate process in Illinois.

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Brownstone’s philosophy is that our firm succeeds when our clients succeed. Our Chicago appeal attorneys can offer high quality services throughout the state. We recognize that the appeals process in Chicago Illinois can be very complex and difficult to navigate, but we are here for you.  The firm handles appeals in Cook County Illinois.  Our criminal appellate lawyers Chicago Illinois are completely dedicated to working in the appellate system. Brownstone’s appeals lawyers have argued hundreds of cases in Illinois and federal appeals courts and are ready to help you. Read about our Illinois Appeals Lawyers.

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Our Chicago appellate lawyers may handle both civil and criminal appeals cases in the Illinois court system. We have experience arguing a wide range of topics that may include commercial, business, employment, labor, securities, intellectual property, product liability, healthcare, antitrust, white-collar crime, constitutional issues and federal drug appeals. Our influential briefs and powerful arguments work to the advantage of our clients.  Our law firm is led by appeals attorney Robert Sirianni and he can speak with you about any state or federal appeals issue in Illinois.

Appeals are court actions that require the experience of an appeal lawyer or appellate law firm. It is important to note that this kind of action calls for intensive knowledge and skills that comply with the strict rules of court procedures. Without such required compliance, your right to appeals may be forfeited altogether. The federal appellate lawyers from Brownstone Law are here to assist you with any type of civil or criminal appeals in Cook County Illinois. Their years of experience in representing countless clients makes them an excellent choice when choosing an appeal law firm.

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Filing an appeal in Chicago can become a time-consuming process, and the complexity of the paperwork and procedures require the expertise of an appellate lawyer. Brownstone’s Chicago appeal lawyers are focused on federal appeals can make the appellate process appear seamless.

Civil cases in Chicago Illinois follow procedures specific for the state of Chicago Illinois Court of Appeals.  When you file an appeal in the Illinois civil court you are not given a new trial nor do you present new evidence you are requesting the judge review the relevant portion of your previous court case to assure that you rights have been protected and that procedures were properly followed to a correct ruling. 

The First Ciruict Court of Appeals is loctated in Chicago. The Chicago Appellate Court is located at 160 N La Salle St # 14, Chicago, IL 60601 

 Brownstone Law offers free consultations with experts in Civil Court appeals in Chicago to help you review your case and see what options are available to you.  Don’t hesitate, call them today.

Contact Brownstone today to consult with our attorneys regarding your legal concerns. As experienced appellate attorneys in Chicago, we work to develop creative strategies for even the most complex legal problems. Let our legal team guide you through the appeals process.

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Appeals require a special set of skills and knowledge. The appellate process requires knowledge of procedures and rules. If you have been convicted and are incarcerated, legal action is still available to protect your rights. Our Chicago appeal law firm will file federal habeas corpus petitions, 2255 motions or petitions, and 2254 motions and petitions.

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With hundreds of appeals cases behind us, we are in a position to provide our clients with the best possible criminal defense representation for appeals and post-conviction.

A successful Illinois appellate attorney prepares an appeal that focuses on all the difficult and challenging criminal issues. Appeals and post-conviction relief in Illinois cases are complex. It takes years of work and study to bring a case to a successful resolution or to overturn a conviction and sentence. Trust Brownstone’s experience to help aid you in your case.

Some of Brownstone’s clients have been granted a new hearing while others have managed to have their sentence overturned or significantly reduced. Contact our Chicago federal appeals lawyers today. Even when working under tight deadlines, Brownstone’s criminal lawyers always ensure that they don’t make legal mistakes that may result in the client losing the case. Our attorneys work diligently on your case in order to rule out the possibility of making errors. This explains the high quality and detailed contents of our briefs and writs. We also at times confer with our client’s trial legal team so as to obtain all the details relating to the case and therefore come up with strong oral arguments. Our Chicago appeal lawyers are here to help you win your appeal.

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Some of the criminal cases that we have handled in the past are related to the medical marijuana act and the controlled substances act. These include marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth possession, distribution or growth. In order to handle such cases, our criminal lawyers always update themselves on new state and federal legislation as well as amendments to existing legislation, including the Illinois Rules of Criminal Procedure. In the medical field we handle appeal cases such as medical insurance fraud, negligence in the practice of medicine, improper solicitation of patients, over-billing, over prescription of controlled medication and internet pharmacy violations. Our law firm has a team of attorneys that are dedicated to handle appeal litigation relating to the practice of medicine.

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