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If you lose your case in court in Orlando Florida or disagree with the decision provided, you have the option to appeal it. Our Orlando Appeals Attorneys in Florida handle both civil appeals and criminal appeals. However, appellate litigation differs from trial litigation, so it’s crucial to have a Orlando criminal and civil appeal lawyer on your side that understands the different processes. By working with Brownstone Appellate Litigation Law Firm and our Orlando appeal lawyers, you’re maximizing your chances of a successful appeal. Contact our appeals attorneys in Orlando Florida today for a free consultation at 1-407-388-1900.

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At Brownstone Law, we are considered one of the hardest working Florida appellate firms Our extensive experience in civil and criminal appeals gives you the opportunity to win your appeal. Our Orlando appeal lawyers handle cases throughout Central Florida and Orange County Florida.

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Criminal Appeal Lawyers in Orlando

From felonies to misdemeanor cases and even the most severe criminal convictions, our federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are experienced in pursuing all types of Orlando Florida criminal appeals. We work with you to truly understand your case so that we can best represent your interest.

Brownstone’s Orlando appeals attorneys have perfected their skills in appellate representation after handling so many criminal cases. Cases that we can handle include drug trafficking appeals, financial crimes appeals, white collar crime appellate cases, cannabis appeals, regulatory and business permits, business torts, director and officer liability, copyright terminations, improper coding practices, false insurance claims and negligence in the practice of medicine. With our effective appellate attorneys, defendants have managed to secure reduced sentences, new trials and even exoneration.

Our habeas lawyers will help you challenge the legality of your imprisonment or any other sentence by helping you file a writ of habeas corpus in Orlando. Return to our Florida appeal lawyer page.

Orlando Florida Appellate Attorneys

  • Experience- Because Brownstone is 100% dedicated to appellate law, our experience makes us a well-recognized criminal appellate law firm in Orlando and across the U.S.
  • Personal representation- Aside from appeal attorneys with experience and incredible qualifications, we understand the importance of being comfortable with your criminal appeal lawyer. Our appeal attorneys work with you personally to defend your rights and reputation.

Although our firm does not handle criminal trial work, we certainly have experience with other lawyers in the Orlando area for federal and criminal trials. We work with criminal trial lawyers to handle appeals and post-trial cases.  Our appeals lawyers in Florida also handle criminal post conviction motion in Florida.

Appeals for cases concerning condemnation, government taking, fifth amendment, and private property appeals also form part of the focus of the Orlando Florida appellate attorneys from Brownstone Law.  Our appeals lawyers in Orlando Florida are unlike other law firms.  The appellate cases we handle in the civil are of property involve more intricate questions of application of law may call for more knowledgeable and skilled lawyers; which you may find at this Orlando appeal law firm.  Other property suits concerning private property appeals, tax appeals, tax evasion, and income tax appeal may also be assisted by the appeals lawyers from Brownstone Law.

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Orlando Appeals: Winning the Argument on Appeal

Understanding the Florida appellate litigation laws and process for your unique case, whether it is a criminal issue, family law issue, immigration, federal case, environmental issue or any other type of case is key to overturning a previous ruling to a ruling in your favor. Speak with our experienced Orlando Florida appeals lawyers and let our appellate lawyers at Brownstone Law help you get the outcome you deserve. The Orlando appeals attorneys at Brownstone are waiting for your call.  Contact Brownstone Law today to review your case; our appellate lawyers in Florida will speak with you about appealing your case.

Our practice is very broad with experience in a variety of case types including regulation, oil and gas, constitutional, statutory, and common law issues. Contact our Brownstone Law Orlando appeals lawyers to start the appeal process. Our Florida appellate attorneys will take the time to speak with you and go over all aspects of your appeal. Give us a chance to help you earn the justice you so deserve.

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Florida Appellate courts make their decision based on the established records of the case. New evidence or witness testimonies are not presented. So, the main goal of Brownstone’s Orlando appeals lawyers is to submit a strong brief challenging the decision of the trial court on well-outlined grounds. It is critical that you’re able to persuade the court that the result you seek is the right one.  Appeals from Orlando start in Orange County Bar and proceed to the higher appellate courts.

Our appellate experience has been invaluable in getting a favorable decision for clients. Our Orlando appeals lawyers follow the best practices and strategies of writing effective appellate briefs. These include knowing clearly why the client should prevail, focusing on the standard of review, knowing the order of authority, and presenting legal arguments in a logical structure that helps the court test the soundness of the arguments you’ve presented and solve the problem in your case.

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Steps of an appeal in Orlando Florida

  1. Determine whether or not you can appeal
  2. Collect the record of papers and documents filed in trial court
  3. File a notice of appeal with the court
  4. If necessary, file an appeal bond to delay the sentence from being executed
  5. File memorandum and write briefs
  6. The party that prevailed in trial court (appellee) responds with an answer brief
  7. Oral arguments are initiated (this is rare)
  8. The court arrives at a decision
  9. Either party files a motion for rehearing on appeal (optional)
  10. Court issues a final mandate

Most appeals take about a year and a half to two years from filing the notice of the appeal before getting a decision from the court. We can help you get an educated estimate about how long your appeal may last. Contact our Orlando Florida appeals attorneys in Orange County at 407-388-1900.

The  appeals attorneys in Orlando at Brownstone represent clients in civil and criminal cases. Hearings involving Orlando are typically held in circuit courts in Florida. Florida’s status as a center of the entertainment industry has led to the establishment of many unique legal precedents there. Brownstone’s Orlando appeals lawyers are constantly researching and are up-to-date on the latest rulings. They are completely focused on constructing a strategy to win your appeal.
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Our appellate lawyers in Orlando have the experience and expertise to overturn an unfavorable judgment in a federal trial or hearing. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ chances of winning by preparing the most effective briefs and arguments for presentations before the Florida Appeals Courts. Each of our attorneys is experienced in appellate law and highly qualified to handle your appeal.

News and Publications: Orlando Appeal Cases


Perz v. United States of America, Petition for Habeas Corpus (Middle District Florida)

Following a trial in the Sixth Judicial Circuit in and for Pinellas County, Florida, Mr. Perez was convicted on two counts of attempted murder on October 16, 2013. Mr. Perez received a life sentence for the first count and a twenty-year sentence for the second count. To determine sentencing, the trial court used a score sheet. The court erroneously concluded that the total number of points equated to a sentence of life imprisonment, even though the total points attributed to Mr. Perez’s convictions were less than half of the amount necessary to impose  such a sentence.         Mr. Perez appealed the convictions to the Second District Court of Appeals for Florida, arguing the court erred in denying his Motion in Limine to exclude any testimony relating to his alleged and unproven drug activity. On September 30, 2015, the court affirmed the convictions per curium. Mr. Perez also filed a Motion for Post Conviction Relief to the trial court on January 26, 2016. The trial court dismissed the motion on March 31, 2016. 2254 Memorandum in Support of Writ of Habeas Corpus

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