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Most people are unaware that they can overturn the decision that was made by a judge in an appeal court if they are dissatisfied with a trial ruling. This is especially so if you were convicted wrongfully or if you feel that the sentence you were given is not commensurate with your offense. Unknown to many people, appeal cases are very complicated matters hence the need for a qualified attorney who understands the process. Return to our main Florida appellate law firm page.

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Our Fort Myers appellate lawyers are known for their experience and the role they have played in assisting accused persons in both criminal and state cases. Indeed, the vast wealth of experience possessed by Fort Myers appeals attorneys will enable them to sift through all the vital details that led to your conviction. The lawyers’ experience will be essential in overturning the wrong decisions in an appellate court.

Criminal Appeals Lawyer Fort Myers Florida

Criminal appeals lawyers Fort Myers Fl handle cases for those who hired other attorneys to represent them initially as well as for existing clients. Not only are the attorneys experienced in handling cases in federal courts and Florida courts but also in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Most importantly, you must ensure that you file your case early enough so that you give your attorneys a chance to gather the required evidence.

Below Are Some Of The Steps That Will Guide You In Filing Your Case

  1. Determine whether you can appeal or not
  2. Collect the documents and record papers that were filed in a trial court
  3. File a notice in an appeal court
  4. File an appeal bond to delay the execution of the sentence
  5. Write briefs and submit a memorandum
  6. The appellee responds with an answer brief
  7. Oral arguments are initiated
  8. The court makes a decision
  9. A motion is filed for rehearing of the appeal
  10. A final mandate is issued but the court

Enlisting the services of Fort Myers appeals lawyers will be a step towards getting an acquittal. The Fort Myers appeals will carry out a complete review of our case, look out for any errors then prepare the appellate brief that will finally be submitted before the court. The merits provided from the primary basis under which most appeals are decided. The appellate is given a chance to stand alone before the court. An oral argument is usually requested by the lawyers to enable them to present the most persuasive arguments that will provide you with an acquittal.

Appellate Attorney Fort Myers Florida

Fort Myers Florida appeals attorneys are also experienced in handling writs of the habeas corpus. Warrants are ordinarily necessary when there is no existence of an automatic right of apple does not exist. A writ is a request to hear issues that would otherwise not stand a chance of appeal. Some of the writs the attorneys have handled over the years include those whereby a defendant has been denied bond, challenging motor vehicle decisions and situations whereby someone has been given excess bond.

Grounds for Appeals

In most circumstances, procedural and legal errors occur during trials. Such occurrences provide fertile grounds for you to move to an appellate court to file an appeal. Consecutively, the earlier decisions may be reversed in whole or in part by the appellate court. However, as a defendant, you should know that you do not have a right to appeal automatically if you plead guilty.


Defendants may at times choose not to file an appeal or file for a motion of post-conversion after an appeal is made. A defendant is given a chance to seek post-conviction if:

  • The conviction violated state laws or the defendant’s constitutional rights.
  • The defendant’s parole was revoked unlawfully or if he/she was held in custody illegally.
  •  The sentence given is incorrect or exceeds those allowed by state law.
  • The judge did not have the right to impose a sentence.

Criminal appeals lawyers Fort Myers Fi correctly understand the pressure that comes with apples and trials. Therefore, they will use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the law protects all your rights as the defendant.

Reliable Criminal Defense Attorneys

Appeal lawyers in Fort Myers believe that the judicial system is not devoid of any errors. They think that you cannot be declared guilty simply because you received a conviction. Sometimes courts are susceptible to errors and may not follow all the legal procedures as required. Getting a concussion can taint your image and completely change your life for right. As such, Fort Myers appeals attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

Appealing a Conviction

Getting a conviction does not mean the end of life. It only means that your case has been moved from a lower court to a higher court. With that in mind, such an occurrence offers you a chance to correct an error that was previously made in a lower court. Appellate attorneys Fort Myers understand the procedures that need to be followed when filing for an appeal. Most appellate lawyers also work as criminal defense attorney lawyers.

Challenging an Appeal

Appealing a decision that was made in a lower court often involves changing an earlier ruling that was made. Such procedures may include scenes where the prosecutor could not prove the defendants’ guilt or when the trial was unfair. Furthermore, issues of significant evidence may also play a role in determining a case.

Importance of Detail Orientation in Appeals Cases

One key ingredient in Fort Myers appeals cases is the orientation to detail. The lawyers ought to keenly study all the evidence that was filed previously as well as that which is currently available. Some of the documents include hearing transcripts, copies of motions and pleadings and portions of the trial itself.

Take the First Important Step Today

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