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Colorado Post-Conviction Lawyers

The petition for writ of habeas corpus has an extensive and opulent history in the United States. Habeas corpus was inherited from English Common Law and is still widely used today. It is used to restore the freedoms of those incarcerated in institutions. It is the job of our Colorado  post-conviction lawyers to help you through the post-conviction process for Colorado district courts that hear petitions and writs under post conviction act in Colorado.

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Our Colorado post-conviction attorneys proudly carry on the tradition of habeas corpus for incarcerated clients all over Colorado district courts. One of the greatest hallmarks of a free society is the right to petition for writ of habeas corpus. To not have this right would be to be subject to imprisonment for any reason at any time. Fortunately, we have this great right and a conviction and incarceration may be able to be overturned. 

Habeas Motions in Colorado

A modern day version of habeas corpus, the 2255 Motion, is available for those clients convicted and incarcerated in Colorado courts. One important distinction is that in custody does not necessarily mean behind bars. We also handle appeals before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States.

A 2255 Motion may be rewarded with a retrial, a lesser sentence or with all charges dismissed completely. This motion is typically a last resort and filed after all other forms of appeal in Colorado have been exhausted. Our Colorado post-conviction criminal lawyers are well versed in this motion.

Petition for Habeas Corpus in Colorado

The Post Conviction Motion is used in cases where the client is in custody. Just as with the 2255 Motion, being in custody does not always mean being incarcerated.  We handle rule 35 petitions. There are situations where a client can be in custody but not be imprisoned. Those clients in custody have the right to file a writ of habeas corpus with the United States Supreme Court. Their incarceration must be a violation of constitutional rights, law, or treaties of the United States.

Colorado Post-Conviction Lawyers

Colorado Post-Conviction

At Brownstone Law firm, our criminal defense attorneys handle post-judgment appeals and habeas corpus petitions. We have argued numerous cases on appeal including arguments and understand the concerns of our clients who face a criminal conviction. We also file  post-conviction motions and writs of habeas corpus in Colorado, including the cities of Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Boulder.

When you are at the crossroads of how to win the argument on appeal, choose the Colorado post-conviction lawyers that are prepared with the right experience, and who are focused on delivering appellate results that matter. Our performance on appeal is measured by winning through strategy, results through creative solutions, and victory by means of innovation. Experience means a law firm must manage all types of criminal issues issues, enclosing record intensive appeals, interlocutory appeals, emergency mandamus proceedings, and petitions for writ of certiorari

The 2255 and 2254 petitions for writ of habeas corpus are two options for those in custody in this country. Saved as a last resort, these two options can easily be a client’s ticket to freedom. Deep experience, coupled with a broad spectrum of legal knowledge makes us unmatched at the appellate court level. Connect with our Denver Colorado Crime Lawyers at 303-630-9863.

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