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Wired into the Appellate Courts.

A national force in appellate litigation. The Future of Appellate Law is Here. In the era of Big Law, we take a different approach. We possess a focused mindset, a single location, and elite collection of appellate practices, and a total mastery of all things Appellate.

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Our insights.

We are a nexus here, and we know an exceptional amount about the appellate courts in which we focus. What follows are our observations and insights into the most pressing appellate issues our clients face, both today and beyond.

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A NATIONAL FORCE in Appellate Litigation
Post Conviction Motions
Client's Guide to Filing State Post Conviction Motions and Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions
Appealing a Case
A Layman's Guide to Perfecting A Appeals

Follow the Leader in Appellate Law

When the time comes to file an appeal or defend a position on appeal, clients routinely turn to Brownstone Law for innovating appellate solutions and strategies that solve real-world problems.


Keeping Pulse on the Modern Legal Landscape

The firm handles hundreds of federal and state appeals including Healthcare fraud appeals in federal courts and federal white collar crime appeals. 


Supreme Court Appeals

Our Supreme Court appeal lawyers represent clients across the United States.

Supreme Court Appeal Lawyers

Our supreme court appeal lawyers understand the complex nature of arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

State Court Appeals

Our appeals law firm provides a high level of client service and responsiveness in its representation of business and individual clients on appeal.

State Court Appeals

Our firm handles a wide variety of civil appeals and criminal appeals. Appellate representation requires a unique frame of mind.

Civil Appeals

Our civil appeals attorneys have experience across a wide range of civil appeals and criminal issues. We represent clients in every federal appellate court.

Civil Appellate Law Firm

Our appeal law firm combines experience and innovation to benefit our clients and handle cases in Washington, D.C., representing clients before the Supreme Court.

Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals and federal crime appeals– whatever the scope and kind of appeal you intend to file, you need the services of criminal appeals lawyers to back you up.

Criminal Appeals Attorneys

If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime or feel that justice has not been carried out in your criminal case, call Robert Sirianni. Our experienced criminal appeals lawyer focuses on appeals and only appeals.

Federal Habeas Corpus

Call our habeas corpus appeal lawyer today at 1-888-233-8895. Brownstone Law is proud to continue this long tradition of habeas corpus, serving clients in custody all over the United States.

Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyers

Without habeas corpus, anyone at any time could become imprisoned for any reason. Connect with Brownstone Law to review your federal crime habeas motion.

In The Spotlight

Managing Partner Robert is a founding partner of Brownstone Law. Handling thousands of appeals across the nation, his reputation is second to none.

We believe in pride, passion and the pursuit of winning the argument on appeal.

We are the “GO-TO” Appellate law firm. 

We are an intellectual tour de force of all things APPELLATE.

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What we value

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Our single office model unites us in ways that are highly beneficial to our clients and our culture. We move in unison to get things done before the courts of appeals.

The Future of Appellate Law is Here. Brownstone Law.

The landscape of appeals has changed. Experience the most innovative appellate law firm for individuals and business enterprises.  Appeals are complex and finding the right appeal attorneys to handle a civil or criminal appeal can make the difference.

Follow the Leader in Appellate Law

When the time comes to file an appeal or defend a position on appeal, clients routinely turn to Brownstone Law for innovating appellate solutions and strategies that solve real-world problems. The challenge can be choosing the best appellate law firm and lawyer. See why more and more people and businesses are turning to Brownstone Law to deliver appellate litigation in both federal and state courts across the nation.

Brownstone Law Across the Nation

Unlocking Legal Solutions Across Multiple States with Brownstone Law.

The Advantage of Appellate Focus

Connect more and learn more about Brownstone Law Firm. Our appellate attorneys and appellate lawyers handle all types of civil appeals and criminal appeals. Contact our appellate law firm for information about appeals.  

The appeals attorneys at Brownstone have handled hundreds of complex cases that made them very familiar with the various complexities involved in the diverse nature of cases. 

As a trust-worthy appellate attorney, we don’t dive into a bunch of cases since we are determined to provide exceptional services to each and every client associated with us. We purposely take fewer cases to pay more attention to each of our clients.


Keeping Pulse on the Modern Legal Landscape
You’ve got an appeal. WE PROTECT YOU.

The firm handles hundreds of federal and state appeals. Our law firm also handles federal habeas corpus, federal civil appeals, federal criminal appeals, and post conviction motions.

Read more about our nationwide federal appellate litigation

What Makes Us Different

We believe that our best appellate law firm has strong appeals lawyers. We strive for perfection, we search for truth, and we protect the rule of law. The appeal lawyers at our law office handle hundreds of appeals in civil and criminal cases.

Our top appellate law firm has experience in many areas of state or federal appeals. Our top appellate law firm is different because we focus on 100% of our practice on appeals. Brownstone Law’s appeal attorneys are knowledgeable on the latest changes in the law. We believe in winning appeals for our clients.

What it Cost for an Appeal

Appeals are expensive. But at Brownstone Law we aim to provide competitive pricing by offering flat fees. Most appeals are completed on a flat fee structure with the entire appellate process being designed around a flat fee payment systems that work for each client.

  • We are committed to providing competitively priced, top notched appellate legal services
  • We provide clear and upfront pricing

How We Do It

Our appeal attorneys at Brownstone Law dedicate all of our time to appeals and understanding the most recent, up to date changes in law and appellate cases. Appellate lawyers that focus on civil appeals and criminal appeals for both individuals and businesses.

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Our Mission is Your Success on Appeal.

We only think about appeals and winning for our clients. If you have an appeal, we have the answers. Brownstone Law is driven by appeals and focusing on results that matter. Contact an appellate attorney today.