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When it comes to hiring a Sterling Heights criminal appeals attorneys, it is important for you not to overlook this question. This answer to this question will make it easy for you to determine whether your prospective attorney has significant experience as criminal appeal attorneys, instead of only handling several cases. You also have to inquire whether your prospective Sterling Heights wacriminal appeals attorneys in Sterling Heights Michigan has prior experience defending another client’s against similar charges. For example, if you have been charged with driving under alcohol influence, you certainly need a lawyer who has defended other clients against these charges.  Read more about our appeals attorney in Michigan by returning to our main page.

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Criminal Appeals Lawyers Sterling Heights Michigan

  • Where did your criminal appeals attorney attend law school? When did they graduate?
  • How long have they been practicing law?
  • How often do they appear when they are handling a case in court?
  • Does your prospective lawyer frequently negotiate with the prosecutor’s office for plea agreements? What is the relationship between your lawyer and the prosecutor’s office?
  • How often does your prospective lawyer go to court?
  • How familiar is your lawyer with the charges against you? What percentage of your law practice represents other clients with similar charges?
  • Does your lawyer belong to any professional organization or bar association? If yes, which ones?

Once you have all the information you require about their background information, you can comfortably make an informed decision based on the facts you obtained.

Appellate Lawyer Sterling Heights Michigan

When it comes to criminal law, most attorneys often quote a flat rate fee. But there is a specific range they are allowed to charge within, but most stick with the flat figure most law firms charge. However, in order for Sterling Heights appeals lawyers to evaluate your case properly, a sit down is very important. Having a face-to-face meeting with your appeal attorney allows them to obtain the complete and full facts regarding your case.

No attorney can give you a fee quotation or sound advice while on a 5-minute phone conversation. Most importantly, you cannot know if you are comfortable working with your lawyer if you do not meet with them face-to-face. The initial consultation for most lawyers is usually free, as this is the meeting where they review:

  • The criminal charges raised against you
  • Specific facts of the case
  • The arrest. This section focuses on what took place during the arrest. Like did the police do anything? Were your rights violated during the arrest? Who said that during the arrest and to whom?
  • Your criminal history
  • Your life, educational, and employment history
  • Your attorney will also enquire about any immigration issues you may have.

At the end of your initial consultation, your attorney is now able to give you the answers you require and a direction the defense will take with your case. The initial consultation also helps you make up your mind whether or not you can trust your lawyer. You need to trust your appellate attorney and be confident in their abilities if you want to win.

Also, after the first consultation, your attorney is now in a better position to give you their accurate fee quotation. The fee quotation is determined by the important facts you presented about your case, and the essential strategies they need to take to have the charges thrown out.

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Appeals Attorney in Sterling Heights Michigan

Unlike doctors who mainly focus, train, and develop their skills in a particular area of medicine, a lawyer who qualifies to acquire a law license is allowed by the state to practice any kind of case. This is why there are plenty of lawyers who work in the general practice area. This is what you can call the jack of trades in the law sector. But when your liberty, future, and reputation are at stake, this is when you actually require a lawyer who specializes in criminal law.

It is only through years of constant practice in different criminal courts that lawyers become excellent in criminal proceedings, including post conviction. Just like you would not want a cardiologist to operate on your brain, the same thing applies to the criminal law sector. For you to win your case in court, you need a Sterling Heights appeal lawyers who are experienced, skilled, and has made a name for themselves when it comes to criminal law.

Will your Lawyer be Handling your Case Personally?

Many large law firms come with numerous and different interns, paralegals, and attorneys who work on one. However, just like the common phrase goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” When you have too many lawyers working on your case, there is always going to be something that some people will end up forgetting to tell the other lawyers. And this increases the error margin exponentially.

Therefore, make sure you ascertain that the lawyer you select is handling your case personally. This not only reduces the chances of errors occurring, but it also helps you build an excellent rapport with your lawyer.

Are there Any other fees I need to Pay Apart from Legal Fees?

It is essential for you to ask this question, as there are other costs you need to cover, especially if your case goes to trial. One of the many costs you may be asked to cover is paying expert witnesses. These witnesses cost money as your lawyer needs to file motions, complaints, and briefs. Therefore, make sure you inquire whether the total amount you are paying your lawyer caters for all the miscellaneous costs you might incur during the trial.

This helps ensure that you are not surprised by the total amount of money you have to pay once the case is over.

Asking the above questions makes it easy for you to select the best criminal appeals lawyers in Sterling Heights Michigan. This process also guarantees you acquire a lawyer who not only cares about winning your case but one who makes it their duty to represent you to the fullest.